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If you aren’t sure what your postcode is, you can use MaltaPost’s postcode finder.

Starter Pack

Internetat 100Mbps
TV20+ channels
Landlineinstalled FREE with every Home Pack
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Sofa Pack

Internetat 100Mbps
TV20+ channels
All 3 TV PassesPay for 2 TV Passes and get the 3rd one for free
Landlineinstalled FREE with every Home Pack
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€45.97/month after 3 months

Power Pack

Internetat 1000Mbps
TV20+ channels
Landlineinstalled FREE with every Home Pack
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Please note that actual speeds may vary depending on a number of factors. Please see our Terms and conditions for full details.

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How can I find my postcode?
To find your postcode, you can use the free service which is provided by MaltaPost on their website. In the rare case that your postcode is in the MaltaPost database but isn't recognised by our speed checker, please fill out our Service Feasbility form to request an update to our database.
What are the steps to order online?
When you've picked the product you want, click on the 'Order' button and you'll be taken to an form where you can fill out all the information we need to process your order. After we receive your form, one of our representatives will call to confirm your details and finalise your order.
What is the Home Pack Community?
The Home Pack mobile community is available to our Home Pack customers subscribed to our Play, Smart, Smart+ and Freedom Plans. Once activated, the community gives each member free unlimited calls to fellow community members as well as the Home Pack landline number. The free unlimited minutes towards the community are applicable while in Malta only.
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