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Mejta biex Ngħix

Every Monday at 20:40

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Every Thursday at 20:40

Man sitting on a chair

Every Friday at 20:40

Coming soon

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L-Ispettur Leonard

Season 2 coming soon

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Group of people standing next to each other
Group of people standing
An old man sitting on his desk
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Division 7 on Tokis GO TV Malta

Maltese Films

Limestone Cowboy on Tokis GO TV Malta
Two men and a young boy in the sea
Young man standing in front of his blue car
Fisherman on his Maltese fishing boat
Ukraine the peoples war on Tokis GO TV Malta
Hemm Dar Il-Qala on Tokis GO TV Malta

Reality Shows

Judges in a competition
Malta's Got Talent 2021 on Tokis GO TV Malta
The Big Step on Tokis GO TV Malta
Malta Gladiator Trial on Tokis GO TV Malta
Malta's Got Talent 2020 on Tokis GO TV Malta
Malta's Got Talent Exclusive to GO - Behind the Scenes 2020 on Tokis GO TV Malta

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Interview with Lara Azzopardi

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Interview with Fabian Scerri de Carlo

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Interview with Brian Farrugia

Young woman holding her chin

Interview with Jeanelle Spiteri


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