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1 season
45-50 minutes
May 2023


Mejta Biex Ngħix is a story portraying the life of one of Malta’s best scriptwriters, directors and producers, Giovanni Sevasta. After a career full of successes, Giovanni in his late 50’s, decides to produce one last story written by his only daughter Elaine and retire. Elaine is much alike her father apart from the fact that Giovanni was always conservative in his writing, whilst his talented daughter wants to experiment with more unpopular genres, such as psychological thriller.

As soon as Elaine finishes the writing of her story and production preparations are about to start, she gets murdered and all plans are stalled as Giovanni is devastated. Two years from his daughter’s murder, Giovanni decides to pick himself up from his depressed life and produce Elaine’s last written story Mejta biex Ngħix, however, one thing that he is not taking into consideration is the fact that he is now mentally ill and suffers from schizophrenic events.

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