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Mejta Biex Ngħix is a story produced by DBA Entertainment that will primarily deal with the subject of domestic violence but not only. This series will bring us together with a family that in the past has gone through a lot of abuse from the father’s end and will also show us the repercussions of this same abuse. A mother and son who have experienced a lot of trauma without a father and husband figure, because of his alcohol problem, a mother who never gave up to help her husband get out of the problem but like everything in life there is a limit to everything. This part of history will be taking us back to the nineties and today we will see what happened to this family thirty years later.

In Mejta Biex Ngħix we will also meet with a case that the police have been fighting to solve for a long time. A case that has been raising anger and speculations with people for more than twenty years. Are the police doing the best they can to solve this case? And if so, what is holding them back from closing it and making the people out there feel safe?

Mejta Biex Nghix – The past never dies.

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