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Il-President is a satirical take on the nation, an opportunity to portray the absurd in a light-hearted yet intense drama series. The outrageous idea that a non-conventional controversial figure is chosen to occupy the highest Office in Malta is absurd, comical, yet potentially real. And who in Malta is more controversial, non-conventional, yet very political by nature than Peppi Azzopardi?

Authored and directed by Pierre Portelli, Il-President will expose the ins and outs of a possible State take-over by Peppi Azzopardi of Xarabank fame. Highly acclaimed actor Fabian Scerri de Carlo will play Peppi Azzopardi alongside a star-studded cast of local talent.

Many will love and embrace the idea, while others will loathe the notion of having a radical residing at San Anton Palace. Peppi, the President, will find friends and foes who are ready to help him succeed or watch him fail as he finds himself embroiled in situations that require statecraft. Instead, driven by passion and emotion, he thinks outside the box to defend the vulnerable against the greedy, the needy from the privileged and the underdogs from the mighty.

Will the politicians who put him in charge regret giving Peppi the keys to the nation?

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