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The concept behind Boomers, an all-new music show, stems from the desire to bringing the old with the new. It is a celebration of Maltese music whereby we get to see veteran and contemporary artists coming together to show how the music industry is such a dynamic result of the many interactions between artists coming from different genres, ages, and backgrounds.

In its literal sense, the term ‘Boomer’ describes a population bracket between the ages 57 and 75. A bracket that constitutes a substantial part of the world’s population, especially in developed nations such as Malta.

The show’s basic premise is that our golden generation of Maltese singers would get to interact, to collaborate and to work on cover versions of Malta’s foremost current bands’ original songs. These covers would be re-arranged, re-produced, and mastered by one of Malta’s leading recording studios, Lito’s Place. This entire process will be documented on the show, giving the televiewers an authentic music experience. The true uniqueness of the show is in how we get to see a never seen before performance of these cover versions by the veterans as we also witness the band’s reaction to the veteran’s performance of their very own original song. The televiewers are engaged in a dynamic journey where Maltese music is uniquely showcased by the veterans.

The creative process, the music production, the veteran artists’ makeovers, the bands’ interviews, and so much more, is what this show will be bringing to the screens of your homes.

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