Brian Farrugia: The man behind L-Ispettur Leonard

06 June 2023


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With a career spanning decades, Brian Farrugia has captivated audiences with his signature style of comedy, blending razor-sharp wit with heartfelt storytelling. The man behind the much-loved TV character L-Ispettur Leonard talks to us about his rise to fame, plans for the future and so much more.

When did you begin your acting career and what drove you to take this path?

I started acting at school, so I would say I was 7-8 years old. I’ve always had it in me, so acting comes natural to me. I always remember myself on stage in some production, while most other children were playing football.

You currently star in the highly popular sitcom L-Ispettur Leonard. What do you think makes this production so appealing to audiences?

First of all it’s a sitcom, one of the most favorite genres. Spectators love to sit, relax and unwind after their busy day. Having something which is easy to watch with a promise of a couple of good laughs is, in my opinion, an appealing proposition for most.

For those who haven’t seen the show yet, what can they expect from L-Ispettur Leonard and why should they tune in?

L-Ispettur Leonard is a show for everyone, from youngsters to a more mature audience. Together, families can enjoy the adventures of this larger-than-life character that has been loved by everyone for the past 24 years.

What do you enjoy the most about working in this production? Are the any challenges?

First of all I’m working with a great team, the crew and cast are all great people to be with. This makes my work feel less like work and more like fun. Challenges are always present and while they make things obviously harder, they also tend to push you towards finding solutions and improving the work. This helps with the ongoing development of the project as its several departments strive to deliver the best day by day.

Spettur Leonard was originally a character in the Simpatiċi series. How has the character evolved since then?

In Simpatici the character started out as one of the minor ones, but over time he became one of the most beloved characters in the Sitcom. After 8 seasons, Spettur Leonard became so popular that it became a must to include him in each and every episode. Now we are seeing a different angle to the character than that on Simpatici. We are seeing Spettur Leonard fighting criminals and solving cases with his team.

Cast of Maltese sitcom Spettur Leonard

In fact, Spettur Leonard is known for his grumpy disposition and funny antics. What more can you tell us about the character you portray? Is there anything in particular that draws you to this character?

Leonard and I couldn’t have been any more different. The character is pretentious and at times everyone loves to hate him. But that’s exactly why people are always waiting for him to appear and see what he’s going to do. I think these are good enough reasons to make me love playing this character so much.

What has been your favourite moment or scene to film in L-Ispettur Leonard and why?

Since I wrote the script, I must say that its very difficult for me to pick and choose. The actors are doing a great job and it’s simply amazing to see the scenes I wrote being brought to life. So I guess I’ll just have to cherish every moment!

What’s your relationship like with other cast members? Are you close beyond the set?

Yes and that’s why this production, this sitcom, L-Ispettur Leonard is such a success. The cast alongside the crew have become one big family, where obviously I’m everyone’s father!

You’ve worked both for TV productions and plays on stage. Do you have a preference between stage and screen?

They are very different from each other. The pleasure of being on stage is the warmth you receive from the audience immediately. On the other hand, on TV, it’s all about the views and reaching a wider audience.

Beyond the set, what do you enjoy doing? Do you have any hobbies?

I can’t mention all my hobbies here. I’m the kind of guy who likes everything. At the moment assisting in motorsports, GoKarts in particular.

So what’s next for you after L-Ispettur Leonard?

Even though it might sound like it’s still early, we are currently working on this year’s Panto Il-Little Mermaid.

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