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Local Loop Unbundling

Are you a local operator keen to deliver voice and broadband services to your clients without building your own infrastructure?

We offer Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) so that you can manage your end client, while we provision, operate and maintain the required infrastructure. This enables you to access our copper loops and sub-loops, as well as our related co-location services, in a completely seamless manner.

Additionally, our Reference Unbundling Offer (RUO) will facilitate the LLU services you require in accordance with Regulation 18(4) of the Electronics Communications Network and Services (General) Regulations (Chapter 399.28 of the Laws of Malta).

Our RUO Services encompass:

• Full Loop Full Unbundling Service
• Full Loop Shared Access Service
• Sub-loop Full Unbundling Service
• Sub-loop Shared Access Service
• Co-location Services.

To learn more about the key benefits of our LLU services, kindly contact our dedicated team.


VULA Offer