Access and Interconnect

Local and International Data


Local Data

National Wholesale IP Transit

We know you want the best browsing and email exchange experience for your clients.

So, for lower latency and enhanced customer experience, authorised Internet Service Providers can connect to the local internet infrastructure via our managed Internet Exchange.

This local IP Transit Service offers a variety of key benefits. In fact, it is:

  • Dedicated (1:1)
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Provided on a symmetric downstream / upstream basis
  • Secured through a committed bit rate in increments of 1Mbps
  • Available nationwide through our extensive optical fibre network.

To discover more about what this service could offer your clients, or to discuss a bespoke package, kindly contact us now.


If you want to connect your business clients for local data, our site-to-site local Wholesale Ethernet service is the solution. Our Wholesale Ethernet service is available within Malta and Gozo, subject to feasibility.

With the safest, largest and fastest fibre infrastructure on the island, our proliferated fibre network promises both high resiliency and high bandwidth capacity. Using versatile WAN technology, high bandwidth and a leading class of service capabilities, it is secure and reliable.

Our Wholesale Ethernet service offers a comprehensive connection for your business clients – bridging their data via LANs and remote sites through point-to-point connections. In fact, by unifying the organisation’s existing LANs you will make best use of communications, achieve optimum performance across the WAN and drive efficiency.

We offer Wholesale Ethernet services with speeds of between 10Mbps and 10GB, supporting large file transfers, encouraging collaboration and enabling data sharing. It also supports multiple Ethernet Virtual Connections to various end points. In fact, regardless of what you want to achieve in this area, our standard Wholesale Ethernet service comes with a service level guarantee.

Service is available with port speed of 10Mbps; 100Mbps; 1Gbps or 10Gbps.

Charging is flat rate on a monthly basis.

For more information on our Ethernet local site-to-site connectivity or to arrange a meeting with a member of our dedicated team, kindly contact us.