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Explore the Future of Low-Power, Wide-Area Connectivity with Narrowband IoT. NB-IoT is a specialized network designed for efficient communication between devices with minimal power consumption. Discover the advantages of NB-IoT and how it’s revolutionizing the Internet of Things landscape.

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How our M2M Connectivity can Empower Your Business

Vehicle Tracking

Businesses operating in distribution, supply chains, taxi services, car rentals, and private transport face daily challenges in managing and optimising the use of their vehicles. With advanced vehicle tracking platforms, business owners can gain insights into route planning, real-time location monitoring, stoppage monitoring, fuel consumption analysis, vehicle diagnostics, predictive maintenance, and temperature monitoring for refrigerated vehicles, and driving behaviour. Converting this data into actionable business intelligence leads to substantial cost reductions, ensuring a swift return on investment.

Smart Healthcare

IoT has revolutionized healthcare, with applications in medical asset tracking, preventive maintenance for equipment, telemedicine, assisted living, and remote patient monitoring. Such technologies lead to significant cost savings through optimal equipment utilization and scheduled maintenance planning within hospitals. Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring systems improve patient experience by enhancing operational efficiency, reduce waiting lists and lower operational costs for healthcare providers.

Smart Parking

Our IoT-powered smart parking solutions use small sensors and intelligent cameras to detect available parking spaces in streets, public areas, and private car parks. Drivers receive real-time information on parking availability through digital displays or a convenient app. Not only does this reduce travel time and enhance convenience for drivers, but it also minimizes emissions and congestion in city centres. For private car parks, our integration includes automated billing for registered users, streamlining the electronic payment process.

Smart Lighting

Efficient energy monitoring of street lights is crucial for cities and energy companies to cut wastage, operational costs, and environmental impact. An intelligent network of city lights offers valuable insights on efficient lighting use, reducing energy loss, and optimizing maintenance. Through geographical zoning, street lights can be managed according to area requirements, resulting in significant cost savings and lower replacement expenses.

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Environment Monitoring

Elevate your quality of life by vigilantly monitoring air quality and emission levels. Our IoT solutions enable timely alerts and corrective actions, ensuring a healthier environment. Indoors, control temperature, CO2, and humidity for improved working and social conditions. Efficient monitoring leads to optimized air-conditioning, reducing electricity consumption.

Smart Waste Management

Revolutionize traditional waste management with our IoT devices placed inside waste containers. Real-time monitoring allows waste management companies to schedule collection routes based on bin utilization. By attending to only full bins, this approach leads to substantial cost savings, reduced fuel consumption, lower traffic congestion, and decreased CO2 emissions. Embrace a cleaner environment by ensuring no bins are ever overflowing.


Prioritize safety with our smart crowd monitoring and security solutions. Smart crowd monitoring enables the analysis of movement flows of people in particular areas and during periods prone to heavy footfall. Smart security systems ensure that public areas and streets are continuously monitored by law enforcement agencies through real time surveillance, thereby providing faster response time in case of emergency. Our intelligent security systems also provide insights into night-time occupancy levels in public spaces, identifying black spots and areas prone to pickpocketing.

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