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GO is ready to help you bring your IoT solutions to life, gain new competitive advantage and build a smarter, connected business. Welcome to GO IoT.

Our Packages

Choose from our M2M plans depending on your use cases and data requirements.

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M2M Data Monthly

No contract
Connection fee applies
Shared data bundle starting at €9 per month
Monthly subscription fee of €1 per SIM

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M2M Data Smart

No connection fee
Various shared data bundle sizes
Volume discounts
Connectivity Management APIs
24 month contract

Vehicle Tracking

Businesses operating in distribution and supply chains, taxi services, car rental, and private transport face daily challenges in managing and optimising the use of their vehicles. The solution lies in the use of vehicle tracking platforms enabling business owners to make informed decisions based on real-time information obtained directly from tracking devices.

Vehicle tracking platforms can offer insights into route planning and optimisation, real-time location and stoppage monitoring, fuel consumption, vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance, temperature monitoring on refrigerated vehicles, driving behaviour, and much more.

Turning this data into business intelligence generates significant cost reductions which in turn provides a quick return on investment.

Over the past ten years, GO has been the preferred connectivity partner for numerous integrators offering vehicle tracking solutions. Our clients can choose between various connectivity plans featuring shared data bundles across thousands of SIM cards, dedicated APN for increased security, and best-in-class secure connectivity over our LTE, 3G, and 2G networks.

Smart Healthcare

IoT has been implemented in various areas in the healthcare sector ranging from medical asset tracking and monitoring, preventive maintenance for medical equipment, telemedicine, assisted living in care homes and private residences, and remote patient monitoring. The primary objective of IoT healthcare applications is to improve patient experience in hospitals or through assisted care in their homes.

Through asset tracking and monitoring, hospitals benefit from considerable cost savings through the optimal use of equipment and plan scheduled maintenance with minimal impact on the provision of services.

Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring systems provide a better patient experience in case of follow-ups and routine checks, by reducing hospital visits, waiting times, and missed appointments. Hospitals and medical professionals also stand to gain from improved operational efficiency, reduced waiting lists, and operational costs.

Through its connectivity services, GO has been providing a crucial service to our partner providing assisted living and patient monitoring services. Through this service patients and the elderly can continue with their lives from the comfort of their homes while knowing that they are a click away from an emergency call and alerting their family members. Apart from better patient experience, this system provides peace of mind to family members and contributes to shorter hospital stays and medical costs.

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