About the schemes

MITA  and have launched initiatives focused on elevating the digital security and resilience of small and medium sized businesses. With a strong commitment to supporting SMEs, these schemes aim to bolster the capacity of local organizations while promoting increased investment in cybersecurity. These measures are designed to assist businesses in fortifying their defences.

Secure icon orange CYBER+ALT Grant Scheme

Secure icon orange Digitalise your Micro Business Scheme

Secure icon orange SME Digitalisation Grant

Invest in your business

At GO Business, we prioritize security and peace of mind, which is why we encourage SMEs to invest in cybersecurity. Our dedicated account executives can guide you towards selecting and implementing suitable cybersecurity solutions for your business. Our services include: Security Information and Incident Management (SIEM), Vulnerability Assessment, Endpoint Security, DNS Filtering, Secure File Exchange, Web Application Firewall.

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