16th June, 2022

See the exact location of your valuable assets at any time and improve efficiency while reducing risk with IoT asset tracking.

Every business has essential assets it needs to protect. And for organisations involved in moving those assets regularly, keeping an eye on where everything is at any given time can feel impossible.

Whether you rent equipment to your customers, or your business regularly transports valuable materials between different factories, warehouses, or sites – you could be doing more to monitor and protect your valuable assets with an asset tracking solution powered by the Internet of Things (IoT).

What is asset tracking?

Asset tracking solutions use IoT sensors along with navigation technologies and mobile data to track and locate your assets as they move between locations. Using IoT asset tracking gives you this information in real-time, so you can see exactly where your valuable assets are when they’re deployed in the field.

You can also use IoT asset management data to optimise the way you use and transport your assets – as it shows exactly when and where your assets are idle and when they arrive at their destination. With more insight into asset movements, you can optimise your supply chain and reduce the risks of equipment loss and theft.

Know where your assets are at all times

With asset tracking, you can see the location of your assets and get notified when they are moving. And with insight into when your assets are in use, in transit, or sitting idle, you can optimise their journeys – finding out where they’re being held up in your supply chain and getting the information you need to avoid delays in the future.

Asset tracking solutions can also make it easier to take inventory of your assets. With data on all of your assets in one place, you can take inventory of your assets faster, and more accurately. And reducing your reliance on people or third-party asset monitoring and verification can also reduce the risks of human error and fraud.

Prevent theft and increase your chance of recovery

IoT asset tracking also helps protect your business against theft. With geofencing capabilities, you can be notified the moment your assets leave your site or any other designated area.
And the tracking doesn’t end when these assets leave your site. You can continue to see exactly where your assets are taken, helping you co-operate with law enforcement to quickly recover your assets.

IoT asset tracking with GO

Asset tracking is ideal for increasing supply chain efficiency while preventing theft and loss.
And by choosing an asset tracking solution from GO Business, you get a quick and easy way to start tracking your assets. That’s because we can deliver the monitoring devices, SIM cards, connectivity, and platform you need to begin tracking your assets. Plus, our experts are on hand to help you get the most out of the solution.

To learn more, take a look at all the features and benefits our asset tracking solution offers.