You can now double your internet upload speed with GO!

17 March 2021


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During this Covid climate, most of us have been working from home for a while and have realised just how important our internet connection is and how it truly affects our day to day activities. Whether you’re a professional business owner, a gamer, content creator, photographer, you know how frustrating it can be when you have to wait to upload a large file.

Whether you’re live streaming, playing a high powered game whereby you need to interact with members, or simply sending high TIFF/packaged images to a client, we know that upload speed is important to your day-to-day activities. Therefore, we have come up with a solution to improve your daily needs- a Double Upload Speed add-on for just €1.99/month.

So how does this add-on work? If you’re a GO client who has fibre internet, you can just fill in an online form and we’ll add the double upload speed to your Home Pack on a month-by-month subscription basis. If you’re considering switching to GO, we recommend that you visit our Mix & Match Home Pack page so that you can create your own packages from internet and optional TV, landline and mobile services*

We spoke to Leanne Bartolo, a fitness instructor, and she voiced how fast upload speeds kept her connected to her clients over the past year. As a fitness instructor, since she couldn’t physically meet up with clients, her profession depended on a fast internet connected and upload speed due to group calls and possible lags between workouts. Essentially, fast upload speed helped her connect and motivate her clients to reach their fitness goals.

Shaun Galea, a professional gamer, spoke to us and voiced how upload speeds may even result in him potentially losing games due to lag. Since online gaming involves sending/uploading high amounts of information to the gaming server, upload speeds are crucial during his day-to-day activities as he interacts with other users in real time.

Tezara Saliba, a teacher, said that she didn’t have to worry about taking all her drama classes online with faster upload speeds. She said that teaching remotely has been a challenge the past year as you don’t only rely on your internet connection and speed but also that of your students as you need to make sure everyone is connected and feels included.

*The Double upload speed add-on is only available on our Fibre Internet plans. To check if you have fibre internet, visit the Mix & Match wizard and type in your postcode. You’ll then see the different options we offer on the Turbo and Super internet plans. We also have a special offer on the Giga internet package whereby you can get 1000Mbps download speed and 60Mbps maximum upload speed for just €39.99/month. If you are in a fibre internet area, you will see the Double Upload Speed add-on offered straight away.