And there you were, thinking Engineering is just for men. Well, think again.

21 August 2018


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Celebrating women in Engineering – Here are 4 inspirational women in our organization, also representing the other female Engineers at GO, who are seriously making it happen in the world of technology.

At GO we are proud of our team of female Engineers who inspire us every day as they reach their personal heights together with their teams. Find out more about the story of these 4 women and their love affair with Engineering as they unravel their success in a male-dominated industry.

Sarah Fenech, describes to us how from a young age she used to dismantle toys to feed her curiosity about how things work. Today, a Systems Specialist, Sarah describes how she finds her job “interesting since she is able to work on different platforms and technologies, broadening her knowledge”.

“From a very young age, I was always interested to understand how things worked, in fact, I must admit that I might have broken some of my toys trying to dismantle them! This also led me to continue studying Maths and Physics later on in school, leading me to my Engineering Degree. During my course, I met several other fellow female Engineers who encouraged me further to pursue my studies. It’s the knowledge of how things work and what it takes for these to work that makes engineering such an interesting career.”

Paula Aquilina, NOC Manager, tells us about her journey and encourages girls and women to pursue their interest in the field of Engineering as she hopes that ‘one day upon hearing the word ‘Engineer’ people won’t immediately think of a man, or that being told ‘you don’t look like a typical Engineer’ would be a thing of the past’.

She takes us through her nostalgic childhood days which were the very beginning of her Engineering career; “I was quite curious as a child, with lots of questions of ‘why’ or ‘how’ to the amusement (and surely at times despair after the umpteenth question) of my parents.  Growing up this inquisitiveness translated into an interest in technology, which is how I ended up pursuing my studies in Engineering and later specialized in Telecoms through my MSc. and Ph.D.”

Ingrid Camilleri, Technical Projects Manager, takes us back to the days dial-up internet was at the forefront of our technology and explains how technological advancements in today’s world empowered her in her line of work and beyond.

“My dream job when I was young was to become a Scientist, and over the years my love for anything mathematical led me to choose Engineering. I decided to specialize in Telecommunications and started working in the local Telecoms industry. My job has changed significantly over the years, from working on Internet broadband systems to mobile core networks and from designing networks and solutions for corporate customers to managing complex projects. I have seen a lot of technological changes along the years and still remember the launch of broadband internet in Malta. The days of the dial-up internet seem so far away.”

Ingrid relates how proud she is that times are changing as she explains “for a long time after I started working, I was always the only woman in my department. Today I am extremely happy to share my working days with 7 more women Engineers. I do believe that women have a lot of potential in engineering and other technical areas”.

Hayley May Bugeja, Provisioning Systems Specialist, shares with us her launch into the Engineering world at a young age whereby she states, ‘I also met very talented and enthusiastic people who were willing to share their expertise and help me develop my skills and grow within the company’.

“After completing my Computer Engineering Degree, I was given the opportunity to join GO as a Provisioning Systems Specialist in the Technical department. Coming from the world of academia, I wasn’t sure what to expect but today I can say that this company has set me on an exciting path of new opportunities.

Looking back, I believe I’ve come a long way and more importantly it’s been an incredible experience. Yet, there is an even longer way ahead of me with tons of new opportunities and technical challenges.  I can say that I am very proud to be part of a team dedicated to making an impact on the telecommunications industry in Malta as together we’re building more reliable, faster and technologically advanced networks, that are more suited to everyone’s need.”

These extraordinary four Engineers explain that the rapid changes and advancements in technology keep them on their toes as they need to keep evolving and growing in order to adapt to new unprecedented needs. As Engineers, they know that they need to keep on learning, both on the job and also academically. It also means that there is always a new challenge around the corner, making work varied and exciting, but also very demanding.

Paula also added that Telecoms is a fascinating topic because of its ability to empower and enable people in many different ways. “Its impacts range from the more personal ones that help enhance human connection, to the more widespread ones that help promote economic growth and enable the distribution and sharing of knowledge.” 

Something to remember

“Engineering is for anyone with a passion, dedication, and motivation to learn. With determination and perseverance, one can achieve anything and will overcome any inequalities that may be present in our society.   I believe that we should embrace our differences and give value to each person’s unique qualities. This will allow us to work together as a team with one common goal – that is; making a great impact on the way we’re connecting our country.” – Hayley

Written by Paula Aquilina 

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