How 2020 Shaped GO’s Digital Future in Online Customer Experience. Part 2

28 January 2021


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Welcome to the second part of our blog series, where we will share with you all the innovative projects we worked on last year to enhance our online customer journey, in order to provide more value, control and visibility to our customers and how they interact with our website and mobile app.

Get yourself cosy and warm and read along!

We’re going to talk about the Direct Debit Mandate (DDM) Online Registrations project, which we implemented due to COVID-19. Setting up the DDM was possible only through our sales channels and this meant that our customers needed to visit our outlets and sign a form or contact our call centre before we set up their DDM.

Once the restrictions were introduced, we immediately started working on a better, efficient and safer way for our customers to be able to set up DDM.

How did we make this happen?

A new feature was introduced in the MyGO portal which allows our customers to create a new Direct Debit to pay for their services, without having to sign any paperwork. By logging in the portal customers have the flexibility to submit or modify their request in a secure way at the touch of a button from the comfort of their home.

Our top priority is online data protection. We added extra security to ensure that there is no way their bank details would be exposed and ensure that submitting or modifying DDM happens in real time.

The benefit of this project is that if you have multiple accounts linked to your MyGO and you wish to set up your DDM with the same bank details, you simply need to submit one request and all your accounts will be updated with the new bank account details. How cool and time-saving is that!

What did we like the most about this project?

The realisation of such a project requires the collaboration and input of many teams. You get to work with colleagues from different departments, learn from their expertise and ultimately deliver a feature that will be useful and loved by the customers.

In order to make the processes seamless and with little delay we took care of ensuring that our back- end systems were designed in a way to cater for all possible scenarios ranging from modifying one account to multiple accounts at one go with the least time possible.

Friendly Names

Another fun project we worked on was enriching an existing feature we had in MyGO.  For those of you out there who can’t easily remember your account number we feel you, we’re with you and we got your back! With this enhancement once you set up your Friendly name you will remember it for many years to come. Setting you friendly name will surely come in handy when visiting other sections such as the Bills and Payment and Direct Debit.

We know what you’re thinking! What about our business customers? Our business customers tend to have multiple accounts linked to one MyGO account and with this added feature it is super easy and time-saving for them to identify their accounts.

Once again this couldn’t have happened without the effort and collaboration of multiple teams ranging from our Online Team, Product Delivery Team, Software developers and also our testers who ensure that the new feature is of good quality before we roll it out to our customers.

Account Details Info Icons

Have you noticed this feature? Another interesting project we really enjoyed working on in MyGO portal is the introduction of Info Icons. Although as a customer you can have all your accounts linked in MyGO account, it does not necessarily mean that you will always remember what services you are subscribed to, unless you check your bills and/or contracts.

Accessing your account details in MyGO is very easy. An info icon will be visible next to your account which will help you understand what services you have on your account. We have to be honest, this was quite a challenging project since we had to ensure that we display the packages / services customer is subscribed to in the best way possible.

Fault Management

Last but not least, our customers have been asking for more self-service options when it comes to understanding and troubleshooting issues related to their services. We listened to their feedback and worked hard to develop a new feature that can help our customers understand the nature of the issue they are experiencing, prior to contacting our amazing Customer Care team.

So what does this new feature do? As a MyGO customer using our portal you can now perform a self-diagnostic test on your Internet connection to determine whether you may have a problem on your internet service. The test is relatively simply to follow. From the support section within MyGO select the internet number to test, answer a few questions and hit the check connection button! If a fault is detected we will report your fault in our systems and you will also receive an SMS and email with the case number. Our Customer Care Agents will reach out to you to solve the issue in the shortest time possible. This new feature also provides you with some troubleshooting tips for other services you may have with our services such as Phone, TV and Mobile.

We can’t mention enough that our projects are a result of our One Team collaborative culture and spirit, where experts from different departments will be roped in to achieve these great results. This project required effort from the Product Delivery team who were entrusted to oversee the whole project delivery from inception to execution, the Online Team who defined the requirements and to provide input on designs for our webpage, the geniuses Software Developers who do all the fun coding stuff, our Technical Architects who ensure that the systems we design are robust, our Security Team who also ensure that we offer a safe and secure feature to our customers, our Testers who make sure that the end product will be delivered as expected to our customers.

A new system was introduced for this project called Camunda. Just in case you missed our blog by my colleague Samantha you can review it again here.

There’s more to this chapter; we are currently working on more troubleshooting diagnostic services, so stay tuned!

We once again thank all the teams involved in the above-mentioned projects and all our customers who share feedback that help us enhance their experience with our services. We have more to share regarding our online customer experience innovative journey, so keep an eye on our social media pages for our upcoming article!

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About the Author and the Team

Sandy Farrugia is a Senior Product Owner within GO’s Project Delivery team. She has been working with GO for the past 20 years in different sections and departments. During the past year she is focused on projects aimed at improving our online customer experience, in line with our digital transformation. The Product Delivery Team is made up for 15 great team players who are all focused on different projects and who are entrusted to foresee that they are delivered end to end.

Have a look at our careers page and get in touch with us if you want to take your career to the next step!  For GO products and services, visit our official website or get in touch with our experts online or by visiting any of our GO outlets.