Ic-Caqqufa review by Fabio Agius

13 June 2022


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Maltese teledramas is a genre very close at heart to the Maltese public. Usually, I am not a big fan, though I starred in a couple of them.

While cruising through my GO TV app, I came across Ic-Caqqufa. Though some years ago, I saw a couple of random episodes on Maltese tv here and there, I never stopped to watch a whole series, so this time I decided to give it a try. Thanks to the GO TV app, one can watch these Maltese productions hassle-free without the notorious pauses for commercials.

The plot of Ic-Caqqufa has very deep insight into the characters. It tackles many sensitive issues, like interracial marriage, drug abuse, mental illness, alcoholism and marriage problems.

Regarding acting, the public can definitely relate to particular characters through the story. In fact, some of the characters depict the perfect Maltese stereotypes. The music score was a perfect complement to the series. I am glad that today’s Maltese productions are forking out money to use local talent when it comes to music, and Ic-Caqqufa proves it.

If you are a fan of Maltese dramas, I really recommend you watch Ic-Caqqufa, the story that moved the whole island. On top of that, I find no better way to watch it rather than GO TV. Everything is On Demand, and you can catch up with missed episodes, watch them even on your phone, and yes! There are no commercial breaks. You can watch all three seasons of Ic-Caqqufa with GO TV on Tokis, while GO is working on bringing season 4 of this most awaited Maltese series back to your screens.

Fabio is a comic artist and co-founder of Wicked Comics the organisers of the Malta Comic-Con. Apart from being an avid comic collector, he has a passion for cinema and movies. He reviews movies and series on various social media platforms on a regular basis.