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What is the GO TV app?

When opting for a GO interactive TV service you can enjoy your favourite content anywhere you go by downloading and logging into the GO TV app on unlimited devices including your mobile, tablet, browser (on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge) and now also on your Android TV, Apple TV, and Fire TV!

For iOS devices the GO TV app has full support for devices running iOS 13/14, while for Android devices the GO TV app fully supports devices with Android versions 9/10.

How do I activate the GO TV app?

If you are subscribed to the GO Interactive Home Pack or the GO TV over Wi-Fi you can get your credentials for the GO TV app using MyGO.

All you need to do is:

  1. Log into MyGO
  2. Click on ‘My Services’ at the top bar and then click on ‘TV Services’ / ‘TV’ section
  3. Select the box with your IPTV number
  4. Click on ‘Manage your logins’

Here you will find the Default User ID and an option where to enter your preferred password. Once you save these details, you can go into the GO TV app and enter these logins where you will have all the channels you are subscribed for.


What are the steps to order online?

When you’ve picked the product you want, click on the ‘Order’ button and you’ll be taken to an form where you can fill out all the information we need to process your order. After we receive your form, one of our representatives will call to confirm your details and finalise your order.

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