Moving to a Greener Headquarters with Ian Camilleri, Senior Manager, Facilities and Admin Operations

27 March 2024

GO Green

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What is the significance of moving our head office to Zejtun?

The relocation of our head office to Zejtun marks a significant step towards achieving greater energy efficiency and reducing our environmental footprint. This strategic move aligns with our commitment to sustainability on multiple fronts. Firstly, the inclusion of innovative water conservation systems, such as the reservoir under Block B, not only saves water but also bolsters our fire safety measures. In terms of electricity, the building will be more energy-efficient, utilizing advanced technologies in electrical generation. The installation of photovoltaic (PV) and Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPVs) systems is a key aspect of this. These systems will significantly contribute to our electrical generation, ensuring we harness renewable energy sources more effectively. Overall, this move to Zejtun allows us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, exemplifying our dedication to environmentally responsible business practices.

How will the new premises exercise greater control over lighting consumption, and what specific technologies or systems will be used for external control?

Our new premises will feature advanced control over lighting consumption. We are implementing systems to regulate the number of lights in use, adjust brightness as needed, and ensure automatic shutoff in unoccupied rooms. The adoption of DALI lighting system throughout also significantly reduces our energy footprint.

How will the air conditioning systems be controlled?

Just as with our lighting solutions, the air conditioning units will be governed by a centralized control system. This system enables us to either switch off the air conditioning or engage standby mode in rooms that are not in use, thus ensuring optimal energy efficiency while maintaining a consistent indoor climate. For both our lighting and cooling needs, we have entered into a partnership with SENS Innovation to implement a cutting-edge Building Management System (BMS). This collaboration underscores our commitment to utilizing advanced technology for enhanced environmental sustainability.

Can you provide details on the installation of PV solar panels and their placement around the premises?

Certainly. We are installing PV solar panels in select areas, including the roof, carports and also Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BiPVs). This initiative is key to reducing our energy consumption and underscores our commitment to harnessing renewable energy sources. This will allow a maximum capacity generation of electricity expected to be 717KWp.

What effects will moving to Zejtun have on our carbon footprint?

The relocation to Zejtun is poised to significantly diminish our building’s carbon footprint, aligning with our stringent environmental goals. A key learning from the Covid Pandemic was the effectiveness of teleworking, which we have adopted into our regular operations. This flexible work model enables employees to telecommute for two days each week, reducing their need for daily commuting. As a result, this not only minimizes transportation-related emissions but also substantially lowers our overall carbon footprint.

Will there be any changes to the way employees work both inside the building and with each other?

Yes, we are planning several changes. These include the introduction of meeting pods, soundproofing of meeting rooms, and a booking system for these spaces. The new office layout will be an open-plan across three floors, employing a hot desk system to foster collaboration and reduce emissions.

We have a number of electrical vehicles, will there be any plans to implement charging stations for these vehicles?

We are indeed considering the inclusion of EV charging stations as part of our new premises. These stations will support our fleet of electric vehicles and will be partially powered by the solar energy we generate, aligning with our sustainability goals.

Our GO Green Initiative

At GO plc, we’re not just a telecommunications company, we’re a group of people who connect people all over Malta and Gozo. We strive to maintain this connectivity, not just digitally, but also physically. It’s important that we take care of our physical environment so that future generations can also enjoy the same connectivity. That’s why we’ve set up GO Green, an extension of GO primarily focusing on helping sustain and improve the environment whenever possible.


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This blog post was written by Benjamin Thomas Scerri – Sustainability Associate, GO Green.

Benjamin is a member of the GO Green team. His main focus is keeping track of new ways in which to make GO more sustainable wherever and whenever possible.