Why businesses need to establish a robust, tailored tech foundation

22 October 2020


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Investing in tech without the robust infrastructure to support it can cost your organisation more than you realise. Here’s why…

When it comes to building an IT infrastructure, every organisation has unique requirements. And to ensure your business has everything it needs to thrive, you’ll need to create a tailored set of technologies and systems that meet those requirements.

The critical first step? Establishing a robust foundation to build from, layer by layer – but that can be easier said than done. After all, with many businesses working on digital transformation, it’s rare to be starting from scratch.

But if your foundation isn’t ready to support transformation, adding new technologies can end up costing you more time and money than you might expect. A 2019 Gartner survey found that organisations lacking a coherent plan overspend by 70% in cloud services alone.

In our new eBook, The Benefits of Bespoke, we explore how modernising and strengthening your foundation can set the stage for greater efficiencies, easier integrations and significant cost-savings as you build out your infrastructure.
So, let’s talk about why building a strong foundation is so important – and highlight three things to ask yourself before creating one.

Make life easier for your IT department

Sometimes, organisations lose sight of the bigger picture when they make tech investments. Instead of considering their infrastructure as an ecosystem where everything has to work together, individual challenges are solved with individual solutions.

And though this fixes issues in the short term, it often results in a mix of different technologies from different suppliers, with IT teams spending a lot of their time running around trying to bring everything together. Integrating disparate technologies to ensure they interact, communicate and share data after implementation can turn into a major challenge – and take a toll on your team’s time and resources.

By starting with a stable, integrated technology foundation, you can avoid this entirely. Not only will you find that your infrastructure better supports your business as a whole, you won’t fall into an expensive pit of collecting disparate technologies that only have a single function.

Three questions to ask yourself before building from the ground up

Do you know exactly what your business needs to operate?

Establishing the basic foundation requires an in-depth knowledge of your business’ operational needs – from network and security to applications and storage.

Do you know which technologies will meet your requirements?

When you understand your needs, the next challenge is identifying the right technologies to match them. Without a holistic view of the landscape and what’s available to you, it can be difficult to find the most efficient, cost-effective mix of solutions.

Do you have a reliable partner to help plot the path ahead?

Finding an external partner will help you plan and create a strong foundation to build from. Take a look at the eBook to find out why GO Business could be well placed to help you.

Read the eBook

To learn more about how your organisation can get the full benefits of a bespoke approach to tech – including a solid technical foundation – download our eBook here.