The Island Mumma takes us on her family boat trip

03 September 2021


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Hi Melissa! Great to have you here. Could you introduce yourself to our audience?

Hi 🙂 I am a 30-something mother of three. Savannah is 4, and our twins just turned one. I am originally from South Africa and have been in Malta since 2013.

We’ve had a few heatwaves this summer and we’ve heard you’ve got a boat! Where do you like sailing to?

With the kids being so young, we’ve not been venturing too far. We usually stay quite local, however, we usually prefer to anchor in quieter places. One of my favourite places to go to is Coral lagoon (it’s great during the week, as it’s not as busy). We have big plans for longer sailing trips as of next year, when the twins are a little older.

How do you stay connected to your family and friends when on your boat?

Having the Plug’n’GO has really allowed us to be more in touch with our families and friends. Savannah loves long video calls with her uncle and cousin in New Zealand so having fast wireless internet gives her the freedom to do that. We are always sending videos to friends and family of the things the kids get up to on board.

My husband is also able to stay connected to work whilst we are on the boat which makes it easier for us to be flexible to go out on the boat during the week when it’s not so busy.

You are a blogger, content creator and influencer, that requires a lot of work and time! Do you produce content while on boat?

It definitely requires a lot of work and time (and behind the scenes admin). We love to create content on the boat, as we feel most at home when we are close to the sea. Since we’ve started using Plug’n’GO, it has been much easier to get our work done! The kids can enjoy a bit of TV on board while we get our work done.

Share with us your best boat trip memory from this summer! 🙂

Every time we go out with the boat as the 5 of us, it’s special. We love seeing our kids enjoying the sea as much as we do! I think my favourite memory this year must be of Savannah doing backflips into the sea! She’s only 4 years old, and her confidence has grown so much!

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