This Little Love of Mine review by Fabio Agius

09 February 2024


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Love stories are not my cup of tea, but as I have mentioned plenty of times before in my reviews, I like to experiment with new genres every now and then. A favourite way for me to explore the movie world is on GO Stars on the GO TV streaming service. I wanted something light, romantic, and with a couple of laughs, and “This Little Love of Mine” really hit the spot.

This 2021 comedy features Laura (Played by Sasika Hampele), a young, successful lawyer who aspires to become a business partner in her law firm. She is an achiever and is also engaged to Owen (Played by Greg Horner), who is the most unlikeable and snarky lawyer one can meet. Laura is entrusted with a contract that will bind a young man to become CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company. Things seem not that complicated, but she learns that the young man who has to sign this contract is her childhood friend Chip (Played by Liam McIntyre) and that she has to travel to an island, where she grew up, to meet him.

Upon her arrival, she discovers that Chip is a tough cookie and is determined not to change his lifestyle to become CEO of this company. Her journey begins where she meets all kinds of obstacles and has some life-changing experiences.

The movie’s location is quite picturesque, and the views are beautiful. Most of the scenes resemble postcards or pictures taken for a travel brochure. The film is oversaturated, exalting all the colours of the surroundings. I think the director wanted to make this movie almost surreal, like a kind of modern fairy tale.

Overall, this movie is quite enjoyable, especially when you’re looking for some good quality family time. The comedy is nothing extraordinary, but it is quite amusing. I recommend it to people who love the romantic genre.