Train your Brain Day | Give your brain a little extra challenge today!

13 October 2021


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Today let us all take a minute to acknowledge this years’ Train Your Brain Day.

According to HBR, our brain is the most critical organ in our body. It needs fuel and to be stretched to create “OMG!” moments on demand and brave challenges. Expanding our thinking and knowledge can be done in many forms, such as practicing gratitude or acquiring a new skill. In one way or another, these all fall under the learning umbrella so much so that countless research findings highlight that we can shape our brain to manifest more success, joy, happiness in EVERY area of our lives by continually learning and/or exposing ourselves to new things.

A graphic of the Digital Excellence Journey created by GO

People learn in multiple ways and to support this, GO Academy has been set up to offer various learning opportunities that inspire and support our One GO Team to thrive. The learning initiatives offered this year have ranged from companywide academy pillars for all of GO, to self-directed learning that serves as a brilliant opportunity to encourage everyone to be curious and follow learnings for personal goals and interests.

Throughout the month of September, at GO we really came together to challenge our brains through the Digital Staircase Challenge. This challenge has been a companywide initiative developed to equip our team members with the fundamental skills needed to make the best use of the systems we use on a day-to-day basis.

A blue fish with text saying just keep learning

During the challenge our mantra has been “If you use these tools there is something you can learn”.

Our GO Academy Ambassadors played a central role in handpicking the online modules that were shared on our learning Library. All modules were self-paced and bite-sized so it could fit into our busy schedules. We know that at GO we love lo learn together and there is so much we can learn through each other, so we split up into 19 teams to encourage a One GO Team learning culture.

Our teams did not shy away from the competition, shout out to our early finishers who finished their learning modules within days. Out of the 820 modules that were assigned we had 823 learning modules completed! Meaning that 310 of our team members participated in the challenge and went over and above the suggested tasks. The top three teams on our scoreboard changed weekly. A huge WELL DONE to everyone participating and committing their time and energy to this strategic priority and a much-deserved congratulations to our winning team – Service Operations Team 3.

A graphic of the digital staircase challenge

While we’ve wrapped up this challenge, this is only the first step of our digital excellence journey. We will have more to come in 2022 to further support our teams drive our purpose. It’s now in our hands to apply and continue learning.

This is just one of the learning initiatives that we have run this year throughout which we committed to train our brains at GO. As our learning mantra describes we are #LearningEveryDay.

Have a look at our careers page and get in touch with us if you want to take your career to the next step by joining our One GO Team!

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About the Author and the Team

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Anthea is the HR & People Development Coordinator at GO, where she focuses on inspiring and supporting the One GO Team to thrive through learning.

Forming part of the GO Academy Team, together with Emma who heads the Academy, and along with the rest of the HR team, they strive to create a space where GO’s people are equipped with the digital skills needed to drive the Company forward. Whilst also creating a culture at GO where people drive their own learning and continually share their knowledge with colleagues.