Discounts on Multiple Service Accounts

27 July 2022


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GO is pleased to announce that it is launching new Multiple Service Discounts, starting from August. The discounts are targeted at neutralising a marginal bill increase which was felt by a very limited number of customers following changes to GO’s billing mechanism last July in order to comply with the PSD2 Directive.

This marginal increase impacted a small percentage of customers who have more than one DDM-mandatory tariff plans with GO and who have not yet opted to settle their GO bills by direct debit.

As from their next bill, this small portion of customers will no longer be experiencing the marginal increase in overall cost because an automatic discount of one euro will be applied for every other DDM mandatory tariff plan they are subscribed to. This means that the discount will be applied from their second mandatory tariff plan onwards.

Therefore, to give an example, GO customers having two ongoing DDM-mandatory tariff plans with GO, which are on the same account, and which are not being paid for by direct debit, will receive one euro discount on their second tariff plan.

If they are subscribed to three DDM mandatory tariff plans, then they will receive a discount of one euro on their second tariff plan and another discount of one euro on their third tariff plan.

This discount will continue to be effective for the duration of the applicable contract/s.

Moreover, in their upcoming August bills, these same customers will also be given a one-off credit for the increase in tariff plans which they regretfully experienced in July.

Should customers change their payment method to DDM, this Multiple Service Discount will no longer apply. Instead, bills will start to feature a separate DDM payment method discount of €1 monthly for each DDM mandatory tariff plan subscribed to.

Affected customers will be receiving a direct communication from GO in the coming days. However, should customers require any further clarifications, they may contact Customer Care by sending a message on WhatsApp 79707970 or Facebook Messenger, via Live Chat by going on GO’s website or by calling GO on 80072121.