GO Connects The Nation for Istrina 2019

27 December 2019


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Hundreds of hours of preparations saw over 1.7km of cable, 200 sockets, and 200 telephone sets being installed by GO in the run up to this year’s Istrina fund raising event.

GO mobilized a whole team of technical people months ahead to ensure that the technical aspect behind this event once again proceeded smoothly. On the day, 20 technical people were on stand-by on site and at GO’s offices as they oversaw all the technicalities required for an event of this magnitude.

“The setup required for Istrina is very complicated but as one of the longest standing telecoms company in Malta, we take great pride seeing our state-of-the-art technology enabling an event that brings together the whole nation,” said GO CEO Nikhil Patil.

“If we had to quantify the value of GO’s support in terms of logistics, manpower and the technology provided, an approximate round figure was calculated to reach over a quarter of a million. And this is not taking into account the cost of all the phone calls and text messages for which GO also waives the cost,” added Nikhil Patil.

Besides the whole infrastructure for Istrina, GO once again complemented this support with an additional monetary donation amounting to €70,000.

“It is a very unique experience knowing that the infrastructure we have invested in over the past 44 years, the same infrastructure that keeps on connecting people to what matters most to them, is the same infrastructure that brings together a nation on that one day a year to help those in need,” concluded Nikhil Patil.