GO Customer Care Now Reachable Via WhatsApp

09 September 2020


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Every day, one billion people send five billion WhatsApp messages and over two billion minutes of voice and video calls across the world who spend approximately 195 minutes on WhatsApp each week. The platform was acquired by Facebook six years ago for $19 billion.

The constant growth in popularity of WhatsApp has spurred GO to add WhatsApp to the list of multiple digital channels through which customers may engage to make their queries. GO handles more than several thousands of client messages every week and across all its messaging platforms, mostly through its Facebook’s Messenger and Live chat channels. Now, customers can start using GO’s WhatsApp channel by adding 79707970 to their contacts list to chat with a customer service representative through this convenient and accessible channel.  Additionally, customers can also reach out to GO by clicking on the ‘message us on WhatsApp’ link or scanning the QR code directly from the GO’s ‘Contact Us’ page on its website –

“We are doing everything we can to facilitate communication with our customers. We want to be where our customers are, so if they need to reach out to us, for whatever reason, we want to make this as easy as possible, and what is an easier way than using the most popular messaging app,” said Antonio Ivankovic, GO’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“As more and more customers migrate towards digital channels, brands need to adopt the latest communication platforms to be able to react to their customers’ queries as swiftly as possible. While the more trivial questions may be handled by our messenger bot, more complex queries are passed to our live agents. This is where our new WhatsApp channel, fully-integrated with GO’s digital systems to allow agents to have a full history of a particular customer’s interactions with the company, will come into action. This will allow for better follow up and more efficient communications.”

“Launching our WhatsApp channel does not mean that those less tech savvy will be left behind in fact, customers can still contact GO via telephone at any time. It simply means that with more channels available, we are serving our customers better, faster and more efficiently,” concluded Antonio Ivankovic.