GO Introduces Narrowband IoT To All Its Mobile Networks

18 January 2023


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GO’s IoT solutions are now more improved thanks to its newly launched Narrowband-IOT nationwide network, which allows businesses to not only improve their operational efficiency, but become greener too, because NB-IoT requires less energy to operate.

With the addition of NB-IoT to all its mobile networks, including its recently launched 5G network, GO today offers the widest IoT portfolio in Malta.

The Internet of Things, IoT, allows the communication between objects, devices and systems over the Internet, and is widely present in our everyday lives. Vehicle or pet trackers and smart home set-ups are just a few examples of how IoT is present in our life. Such technologies are transforming the way we live and work. The beauty however is that technology keeps on developing and improving. Businesses are increasingly applying IoT technology to their equipment, machinery, vehicles and systems which help them generate critical information that is captured and utilised to optimise processes, decrease costs and create innovate business models.

Besides the benefit of low energy consumption which significantly extends the battery life of devices, Narrowband-IoT technology supports hundreds of devices simultaneously and significantly extends coverage both indoors and outdoors with an improved signal in old buildings, basements, and industrial properties – perfect for the typical Maltese architecture.

This technology also improves overall performance making it ideal for stationary applications such as smart metering, smart parking, street lighting and waste collection, where extended battery life and network signal are critical.

“True to our purpose of driving a digital Malta, we invested even further in our IoT platform to bring NB-IoT to our business customers. In doing so, we are offering a full portfolio of connectivity services and creating opportunities for further efficiency across multiple channels,” stated Arthur Azzopardi Chief Officer, GO Business during the launch of the new network.

“IoT technology continues to transform the way we live and work. This technology also allows us to continue assisting our enterprise clients in their digitalisation journey, enabling them to launch different IoT solutions in various areas such as energy, smart city, marine, and agriculture,” he added.