5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Unified Communications

01 June 2022


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Easy, regular communication across your teams is key to operational efficiency. Here’s how unified communications can help – and the five business benefits it can offer.

As organisations look for new ways to revamp processes, and operate more efficiently and flexibly, there’s one area where a bit of modernisation can bring a lot of business benefits: communication.

With your teams, customers and suppliers constantly on the move, keeping pace requires flexibility that fixed lines of communication can’t always provide. And whether your people are working remotely, or just always on the go, ensuring easy, reliable contact despite the physical barriers is essential. That’s where unified communications come in.

Implementing a unified communications solution can help you ensure that your people stay connected, collaborative and productive – wherever they’re based. But what exactly is a unified communications solution? And importantly, how can adopting it benefit your business?

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at unified communications tools, and highlighting the top five business benefits they deliver.

Unified communications: a new way to keep teams connected

Simply put; a solution like our unified communications offering integrates all your internal communication services. Incorporating messaging, voice and telephony, and team collaboration tools, the approach can break down the siloes caused by dispersed teams and help organisations stay flexible.

One key feature of unified communications is that it allows your people to pick up calls coming into your fixed business line on a mobile device. As long as they have a stable internet connection, your team members can seamlessly transition between landline and mobile calls as needed.

With seamless, integrated calling on landlines and mobile devices alike, your teams can connect in offsite or remote locations. And they can get the flexibility of mobile calls – without having to give out personal mobile numbers.

The benefits of a cloud-based solution

As cloud usage has accelerated in recent years, cloud-based unified communication solutions have grown in popularity – and for good reason. Unlike on-premises solutions, there’s no need for on-going maintenance or servicing, and you don’t have to pay out for infrastructure. And you also don’t have to worry about backups, redundancy, and the risk of equipment failure or downtime.

A cloud-based unified communications solution also allows you to easily add new digital communication and collaboration functions. This includes everything from instant messaging and call recording, to video and web conferencing.

Five benefits for your business

Here are the biggest ways your business could benefit from unified communications:

  1. Consistent connectivity: Unified communications solutions are ideal for teams that are constantly on the move between clients, branches, or other offsite locations. With the ability to answer calls to the landline from a mobile application, they can stay in contact wherever they are.
  2. Added privacy: Answering client calls on a mobile can improve the flexibility of your teams and their operations – but it’s not worth risking your people’s privacy. With unified communications, however, there’s no need to give out personal information like mobile numbers. Clients can simply call your office line, and employees can answer via the mobile app.
  3. Increased productivity: Teams that can collaborate and communicate easily will likely see big productivity gains. Your people can access the right information, from the right people, at the right time – and complete tasks faster as a result. Meanwhile, being able to take business calls on the go, rather than having to travel back and forth from the office, can help cut down on wasted time.
  4. New functionality: With the right unified communication solution, it’s easy to add new capabilities that help your people get more from the virtual office environment – whether that’s video conferencing, instant messaging, or a new collaboration tool. Cloud solutions are also easily scalable, so you can keep communication simple however fast you grow.
  5. Improved client relationships: Having client calls coming straight through to mobile devices helps cut down on missed calls. Some solutions also offer features such as call forwarding, and auto attendant – so your customers can always get the best possible service.

Ready to find out more?

At GO Business, we know just how powerful unified communications can be. Our unified communications solution is trusted by organisations across Malta, to keep communication easy and operations running smoothly. You can find out more about the packages we offer here.

And we’re dedicated to finding new ways to improve our proven solutions, whether that’s by improving the user experience, or making them even more reliable. So keep your eyes peeled for more exciting developments in our unified communications services.