A Greener Spring: A Guide to a more Sustainable Easter

01 March 2024

GO Green

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The start of Spring usually brings about a few things, a change in weather usually being the most notable difference. Spring, however, also brings one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, Easter! Easter is especially popular with children and allows for several different activities to be done to celebrate the holiday. Unfortunately, like most other holidays, Easter also leads to the generation of a lot of waste and emissions which can be avoided to a great degree. That’s why we’ll be discussing different ways in which to celebrate Easter in a greener, more eco-friendly way.

Decorating easter eggs

Greener Decorations

One of the most common ways in which we produce waste during Easter is through the decorations we use in which to celebrate the holiday. There are ways in which you could avoid these issues. You may opt to make your own decorations using old recyclable materials like glass jars. Should you decide to make your own decorations it would be good practice to use recycled paper and non-toxic paints to create your decorations. An example of decorations that you could do would be large Easter eggs which could be made of papier-mâché. This would greatly reduce the amount of plastic waste generated from the traditional plastic Easter eggs usually bought at Easter.

Another way in which we could be eco-friendly would be how we prepare our Easter baskets. Hampers are often exchanged and given out during Easter. There are ways in which we can make this process of giving out hampers and baskets more sustainable through a few easy steps. The baskets themselves could be made from sustainable materials or made using reusable fabric bags. You could then fill these baskets with locally produced items such as honey, organic teas or even homemade figolli.

Child during Easter egg hunt

Eco-friendly Events

Easter marks the beginning of Spring and this change in seasons may lead to favourable weather. As the weather starts to get better, you may opt to go for egg hunts with children. This is a fun event that children can do and can also be done sustainably. You could host an egg hunt in a public, green space. You could also use fake eggs or use a few hard-boiled eggs to reduce the waste for children to find and exchange for prizes. This would also give the chance for children to enjoy and appreciate the local scenery in areas like Buskett gardens, Kennedy Grove or Chadwick Lakes. Furthermore, this also provides an opportunity for children to learn about the environment and what they can do to preserve it. This could involve lessons about the local flora and fauna and good practices like clearing up after events such as picnics.

Setting the table during Easter

Eating at Easter

Easter is a time which brings families together, usually for a big family gathering with large amounts of food. You can still enjoy your big family gatherings as even these can still happen in sustainable ways. One option could be that of having a more plant-based menu for the gathering. You could source some of your ingredients from farmers’ markets, local bakeries or artisanal shops. Lastly, you could try to plan the portions in advance to avoid making too much food and thus reduce food waste. Should there be any leftover food you could use it to make broths, stocks or even soups in some cases as well as use peelings to start a compost pile.

This Easter season let’s come together to celebrate not only the renewal of life but the renewal of our commitment to a greener, more mindful way of living. By adopting these sustainable practices, we not only preserve Malta’s beauty for future generations but also find deeper meaning and joy in the Easter traditions we hold dear. We hope you have a happy, green, and sustainable Easter!

Our GO Green Initiative

At GO plc, we’re not just a telecommunications company, we’re a group of people who connect people all over Malta and Gozo. We strive to maintain this connectivity, not just digitally, but also physically. It’s important that we take care of our physical environment so that future generations can also enjoy the same connectivity. That’s why we’ve set up GO Green, an extension of GO primarily focusing on helping sustain and improve the environment whenever possible.


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This blog post was written by Benjamin Thomas Scerri – Sustainability Associate, GO Green.

Benjamin is a member of the GO Green team. His main focus is keeping track of new ways in which to make GO more sustainable wherever and whenever possible.