Beware of scam phone calls and WhatsApp scam!

25 August 2020


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Over the past few days there have been reports that scammers have been phoning GO customers asking for their personal bank details and requesting to take control of their personal computers through specific software with the premise that they have tax refund payments related to Covid-19. Besides this, there have also been reports that clients are receiving scam messages via Whatsapp. Always block and report any messages that have a foreign prefix i.e. not +356 and are coming from an unknown number.

The scammers who are claiming to be from the Inland Revenue department are phoning clients for their personal bank details related to payments for tax refunds related to Covid-19. On behalf of GO, we strongly urge you to never divulge your personal bank details over the phone.

Fraudsters have also been telling GO clients that they haven’t used up all the calls/data in their bundle so GO is refunding the unused amounts in cash. This is also a scam. They are also asking for bank details to access computers of clients by asking them to install Team Viewer where the fraudster will take over the control of client’s computer.

GO will never ask you for any PIN numbers or banking login details, will never ask you to install software such as Teamviewer, and will never ask for card payment details over a phone call or even an email. If you suspect that a caller may be trying to scam you, hang up as soon as you are able and contact GO to check if the information you heard was genuine and whether you need to report the case to the police.

On the 1st of November 2024, GO will be implementing a number of mechanisms aimed at protecting subscribers from scam calls. More details on these measures can be found here: Does GO implement blocking measures to protect subscribers from scam calls?