Celebrating the Women Behind our Technology, The Women of GO

06 March 2024


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At GO, we believe that diversity fuels innovation, and we are proud to celebrate and champion the achievements of our Women of GO as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in telecommunications. Join us as we pave the way for a more inclusive and connected future.

Meet Luana, our Senior Accountant

What are some key achievements or milestones in your career within GO?

My 23-year journey at GO started when I was 16 years old. I began as a Communications Agent at the Call Centre. From there, I transitioned to the role of Executive Secretary within the Technical Team, gaining an understanding of infrastructure contracts and other soft skills related to systems usage. Additionally, I undertook clerical work within the registry department, familiarising myself with GO’s billing system and customer agreements. Subsequently, I served as an Office Administrator, particularly in the TV area, where I acquired various skills including KPI reporting, purchasing and financial processes, health and safety protocols, maintaining supplier relationships, and familiarising myself with the hardware and software used by the team.

Upon attaining my Advanced Diploma in ACCA, I assumed the role of Assistant Accountant in the Finance Team. Since then, I’ve steadily climbed the ladder, leveraging my previous experiences and studies to propel myself forward. Currently, I hold the position of a Senior Accountant. A recent milestone I’ve achieved is collaborating with the EXCOM (Executive Committee) Team to develop the company’s financial business plan for the next five years.

Why do you think the telecom industry is attractive for women, and what opportunities does it offer?

In my years working in the telecoms industry, I’ve encountered female engineers, senior managers, and even chief officers. Some women have successfully balanced their professional duties with motherhood, aided by GO’s support.

While there may have been instances in the past where women were overlooked, recent years have seen women being offered the same opportunities as men. The hybrid model, easily applicable in most roles within the telecom industry, has further expanded opportunities for women seeking to balance career and family life.

Can you tell us about the mentors or role models who have helped shape your telecom career?

I owe a significant portion of my career success in the telecom industry to individuals who supported, believed in, and mentored me, empowering me to overcome obstacles and take decisive action.

One notable example is a senior manager I reported to, who challenged me to push beyond my limitations, demonstrating that I could continually strive for more rather than settle for mediocrity. Similarly, a Chief Officer prompted me to consider my long-term career trajectory, steering me towards future-oriented thinking.

Another influential figure was a Senior Accountant who provided guidance throughout my studies while exposing me to intricate details of the field, accelerating my professional growth. Their unwavering support and mentorship have instilled in me the confidence to navigate any challenges that come my way.

What challenges have you faced as a woman in the telecom industry, and how did you overcome them?

During my tenure in this industry, I’ve encountered various challenges, including biased interview questions that hinted at traditional gender roles. However, I’ve consistently proven my ability to multitask effectively, just like my male counterparts.

Today, like many women, I’ve demonstrated time and again that I possess the skills and dedication necessary to excel in this field, requiring nothing more than respect and support during challenging times.

How does GO support work-life balance for its People, especially for women with additional responsibilities?

As a mother of two young children balancing a career, I’ve found the hybrid model and flexible work hours indispensable. Without these benefits, it would be exceedingly difficult to fulfil my professional responsibilities while nurturing my family life.

GO facilitated my transition into motherhood by offering maternity leave with the option to extend and return to work on reduced hours until I adjusted to my new role as a parent. Although assuming my current position on reduced hours wouldn’t have been feasible, the trust and flexibility provided by the company enabled me to strike a balance between work and family life.

A tip I can offer is to recognize that work-life balance isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It requires aligning priorities and continuously managing time and energy to fulfil professional and personal commitments while prioritizing self-care.

Each day presents its unique challenges, and I approach it by assessing my priorities in the morning and adjusting my schedule accordingly. By incorporating activities I enjoy into my routine and addressing tasks as they arise, I strive to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.

Thank you, Luana, for sharing your story with us!