How 2020 Shaped GO’s Digital Future in Online Customer Experience. Part 3

24 March 2021


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We dedicated a lot of our efforts last year on enhancing our online customer journey, aiming to align with the pandemic needs, provide more value, control and visibility to our customers and a better overall interaction with our website and mobile app.

Earlier this year we started sharing with you all the exciting projects our team worked on during 2020 and we now welcome you to the last part of this series of our Customer Online Experience blog.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this article!

Push Notifications 

Let’s start with the Push Notifications of our GO app. Back in the summer we felt the need of identifying a new channel to deliver messages to our customers, and the Push Notifications on the mobile app was the solution.

Our customers receive notifications on their mobile and by clicking on them, they can immediately see what activity they need to do from the app.

A project like this brings together a number of teams, such as the Product Delivery Team, Software Back-End and Front-End Teams, Online Marketing as well as the Product Marketing Team. All our people pitch in with their expertise and point of view on what’s best for our customers, our business and the product and it’s important to note how we all learn from each other, share knowledge and ideas, learn how to identify and break bottlenecks and meet deadlines; in other words, grow professionally after each project.

An example of our team’s dedication can be found as well in the fact that in this particular project the Product Marketing team was involved in the testing of the new feature, not only to share valuable feedback but also to assist in meeting the deadline. One of our Product Marketing Specialists gave training to all colleagues that would be using this feature, to ensure that everyone is aligned with its options and how to use it effectively.

We enjoyed working in this project because we were able to innovate and use the latest technologies in this new channel, such as iOS and Android Development together with integration to internal back-end systems.

Play plan Migrations 

Another very interesting project was the Play Plan migrations on our GO app that allowed our users to migrate to Play Plan digitally with just 2 taps. Yes, 2 taps only! We imagine you are wondering what a Play Plan is; this is a plan specifically designed for young people under the age of 27, not just students. What’s cool about it is that should you wish to benefit from this plan, our team can verify your age directly through the app without the need to visit a retail outlet. With Play Plan you can get the best rates, free music streaming on selected music apps and full speed data!

During fresher’s week there is a lot of demand from the students and our Marketing team wanted to give them the option to migrate to Play plan via a digital channel. In this project the input and the agility of the Back-End team was great. They had to fit this project in between other commitments they were working on so that they could deliver this function in a very short period of time. And they did, with the help of all teams involved. As the quote says: teamwork makes the team work!

Pre-Paid Registration 

We started working on the Pre-Paid Registration project because of a legislation that would come into effect, which required all pre-paid customers to be registered. The legislation never came to life, however our team decided that it’s best for us to still continue working on this project as it would add value to our business.

It might sound simple, however such a project involved changes in 17 different systems and it now acts as a building block that we can keep evolving further.

Easy Buy TV 

You might remember this one since it was launched last November, right before Christmas. Our Marketing team wanted to launch a new product with the Easy Buy concept but for TV sets. This would help our customers see exactly which monthly repayment they can avail of and the voucher they would be entitled to, all within one flow of the Home Pack wizard, the online page where you can create your own package.

Did you hear about our GO Easy Buy TV scheme? Buy a brand-new TV from our leading electronic supplier partners, while paying your monthly instalments with 0% interests instead of paying the full price at once. Get the TV you really want and enjoy all our movies & series! Read more here.

This project was added on an existing functionality and what was good about it is that the team took into consideration to look into ways of keeping the experience consistent. Like the GO Easy Buy for mobile, our Easy Buy TV with Home Pack Mix and Match was another first on the market.

Mix & Match 

We kept two exciting projects for the end, our Mobile Plans Mix & Match and the revamp of our HomePack.

We wanted to launch completely new mobile products under the Mix & Match concept, because it offers flexibility and total control for our customers to customise our products according to their needs. We went through a process of design mock ups that took us around 6 weeks from design stages until implemented completely. You can now see it in a form of a wizard through which the customer can easily navigate and pick the items as needed. Moreover, the users can also have a look at our available products and select a device to purchase through Easy Buy.

The calculations of any required prepayments, monthly repayment and savings are calculated immediately. What’s left then is to select the retail outlet of your convenience to collect your purchase. Our outlets are located in PAVI, Paola, PAMA and Victoria, Gozo.

HomePack Mix & Match 

The last adventure we will share with you is the Revamped HomePack Mix & Match. We wanted to improve the online experience of the Home Pack wizard, which was originally launched back in April 2019. We also wanted to align with the Mobile wizard to have a consistent experience for our customers.

This project is important because it improved the day-to-day work for our Online Team; now they have full control of the backend of the wizard and they can immediately update the content quickly without waiting for a deployment. We are constantly trying to find ways to improve the working experience of our team and give them more control and flexibility over their work.

Compared to others, this project took a bit more time to be delivered and we used it as a learning experience. We held a post mortem meeting to discuss and list the lessons learnt and from there onwards the deliverables kept improving a lot. We did not get stuck on the issues but instead learned from them and kept improving as a team.

Final Thoughts 

We hope that this blog series of our online customer journey gave you insights of the passion that runs in the hearts and minds of our GO Team. We are truly obsessed about our customers and constantly on the lookout for opportunities to keep on improving our services, products, interactions and customer journey.

No matter what role we have within the team, we are all here to ensure our customers receive an excellent service and keep pushing the boundaries of the telecoms industry. Each project comes to life because of the contribution and collaboration of a number of teams, which gives us a unique opportunity to learn, innovate, try new things and challenge the norms.

2021 has been already a fascinating year and we can’t wait to share with you all the new projects that keep us busy.  Till then, you can read Part 1 and Part 2 of our journey, written by my colleagues, in case you’ve missed it.

 P.S. The group photos we used in this article were all taken prior to COVID-19 restrictions.

About the Author and the Team 

Maria Cassar is a Senior Product Delivery Owner for online projects and has been working with GO for 16 years. She started her career as an agent in the Call Centre and progressed along the years in different teams and roles, such as Product Specialist within the Retail team and Project Coordinator in the Project Management office. With her team they are focused on collecting requirements from different stakeholders, planning the project lifecycle and delivering it. What she enjoys the most in her role is that they are working with almost every department within the company and it helps her understand and appreciate the work each team does.

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