How to Gain Effortless Communication with Unified Communication Tools

30 June 2022


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Remote working is here to stay, so what features are most important in a communications tool? And how can your employees keep collaborating from a distance?

The way we communicate with our colleagues has changed. The prevalence of remote and hybrid working means it’s no longer as simple as walking over to a colleague’s desk to talk. Instead, we need to use digital communications tools to collaborate from a distance.

In a previous blog, we discussed some of the key tools needed to make this new era of remote working a success for your business, highlighting security, policy, and – of course – communication. Now we’re taking a deeper dive into the features to look out for, to ensure the communications tool you invest in is the right one for your business.

One unified solution for multiple communications channels

First, a communications solution needs to cover the essentials – text chat, phone calls, and video calls. Text chat for those quick exchanges and questions with colleagues, phone calls for more in-depth conversations, and video calls for internal and external meetings.

When all these communications methods are combined into a single, unified solution, you get simplicity and security. With one system that covers all your communication needs, you only have one system to secure and manage – and one support number to call if you need help with anything.

Communications that work for everyone in your business

But after the basics of what a communications tool must do, there are a number of features that can add even more ease and value to your employees’ working lives.

Tools that are compatible with a bring your own device approach (BYOD) will cut down on upfront equipment costs, as they work with employees’ current computers, tablets, and smartphones. However, BYOD solutions that use an individual’s personal mobile number pose a risk to your employees’ privacy.

To mitigate this, we’ve created a solution that attaches your office number to your personal device – allowing you to use a separate office number alongside a BYOD approach.

GO CloudTalk also allows you to set policies for your communications. You can set a single office number that all or selected employees can answer, alongside individual numbers for each employee. It even comes with full answerphone capabilities.

Work-life balance and employee wellbeing are vital to successful remote and hybrid working. So with GO CloudTalk, you can set office hours, meaning employees won’t be disturbed outside of working hours. For example, if your employees work nine to five, the application will prompt callers to leave a message.

And you don’t need to stay in a fixed location – Go CloudTalk is accessible wherever you have an internet connection. So if you have team members working on-the-go, or traveling to client meetings or abroad, your workforce is still reachable.

File sharing for maximised collaboration

Communication is vital to collaboration, but that’s only one-half of what you need. You can have good, open channels of communication but if colleagues are looking at different versions of the same file, it can falter.

That’s why we’ve built file sharing into our communications tool: because when everything is in one place, it increases visibility and accessibility. And it ensures everyone is looking at the same file, so colleagues can have more meaningful discussions about the work they are doing.

A flexible, unified communications tool with GO Business

GO is a telecommunications business – so we know how to adapt solutions to suit remote and hybrid working. We have experts ready to help you get set up and to support you as you use GO CloudTalk.

And GO CloudTalk has the flexibility to grow with your business. So you can support the employees you have today, with the ability to add more users as your business grows.

Learn more about GO CloudTalk.