The benefits of bespoke: why firms should invest in tech strategically, with the future in mind

21 January 2021


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You’ve built a robust IT foundation. But what comes next? Here’s how to build up the layers – and find the right partner to help.

With business technology, there’s a reason that the ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work. Every organisation is unique – whether in size, sector or service offering.

And when one business has vastly different requirements to the next, creating a bespoke IT infrastructure is the only way to ensure organisations have everything they need to grow, adapt and, ultimately, thrive.

In our new eBook, The Benefits of Bespoke, we share practical advice to building a fully tailored infrastructure, wherever you are on your digital journey. It starts with establishing a concrete foundation of technologies then, with strategic investments, you can start building up layers of applications, services and solutions. It takes careful consideration of what your organisation needs, and the technology that can help you meet these requirements – both now, and in the future.

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of creating a robust foundation. Now, let’s dive into the next stage: building up your infrastructure layer by layer.

Build it up little by little

Even for organisations that have created a solid framework, enhancing and expanding that infrastructure can be a tricky balancing act.

Adding new layers is necessary. But grow too quickly without a detailed roadmap, and there’s a risk that you could lose sight of where your IT is going. Or worse, you could end up with disparate layers and soon-to-be redundant technologies that are a drain on resources further down the line.

Every application, component or service you add needs to have a meaningful impact – whether it will help your people work more effectively, streamline a business-critical function or provide a vital layer of security. It also has to integrate fully with existing technologies.

So it’s wise to build up slowly, with strategic investment in the technologies you really need. Before you add a layer, ask yourself ‘How will this help my organisation perform better, now or in the future?’

Forward-thinking investment

The IT ecosystem you build can’t just provide for the here and now, it also has to continue to support you in the future – and scale as you do.

For large organisations that may have multiple sites and different departments, this can be an especially complex process – with diverse day-to-day requirements across the organisation to futureproof against. To make the necessary strategic decisions, having a holistic view of the infrastructure and the technologies available is vital.

The key? Finding the right partner. They’ll help you maintain a full oversight of your infrastructure’s performance now, and give you greater foresight for the future. With the right partner at your side, you can continue to build with confidence.

Find your feet with the right partner

As you continue to enhance your IT infrastructure, choosing a partner who can offer day-to-day consultancy and long-term guidance is critical. They’ll help you navigate a saturated market of vendors and technologies, and provide valuable insights into the best investments for you today, and tomorrow – so you can be certain that every solution or service you adopt perfectly matches your needs.

Plus, with an external expert offering advice and on-demand support, any issues can be dealt with quickly and without over-burdening your own IT teams.

The value of a partner doesn’t stop there. To find out all the ways an experienced partner like GO Business can offer proactive support and guidance, read our new eBook now.

The Benefits of Bespoke

There are so many factors that go into building an organisation’s infrastructure. Different businesses will have different technology requirements depending on everything from their sector and size, to maturity of their IT provision.

Download our latest eBook , to discover how the right partner can help your organisation build a fully tailored infrastructure – from the ground up.