Kirstel Giusti- the viral Maltese Tik Toker talks to us about her Play Mobile plan

31 August 2020


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Hey Kirstel! It’s nice to meet you. Can you tell us a bit about you?

I’m a 21-year-old dancer, who enjoys creating fun short videos on Tik Tok. I love art and games, and I am also interested in media and business. I’m actually more on the nerdy introvert side – yeah I know it seems different on Tik Tok! Tik Tok helps me express my extroverted side more.

We heard you’re a student! How have you been dealing with studying during Covid-19?

Actually I stopped my studies recently due to personal reasons, but I still have my qualifications in Business Enterprise from MCAST. My line of study has always been business and I am planning on implementing that with art and creativity job-wise. Thanks to GO’s amazing internet, I have managed to work on my assignments very well in terms of research and online activity. It’s not easy trying to focus while you’re stuck at home but at least I have a good internet connection to help me focus. (I also use it for Tik Tok and YouTube in the background)

How has GO’s play mobile youth plan helped you keep in touch with your friends & family during Covid-19?

I am currently on the ‘Double Dat’ Play youth mobile plan. Since I’m under 27 years old, this plan is perfect for me. I get 24 GBs and there’s no data burn on music streaming apps, they call this the music wildcard. With GO you always have full speed data and the data you don’t use simply rolls over the next month.

You’ve got 105.9k followers, 814 videos and multiple videos with millions of views and likes on Tik Tok wow! How did you get to this point?

I started Musically (now Tik Tok) quite randomly actually and it was fun to share my creative side with the world. During my first month, I only had like 100 followers. One night, I was scrolling through the ‘for you’ page and noticed how Harry Potter themed videos were about to become trending, so I quickly made a Harry Potter video myself and uploaded it so that people would see my video first. And that’s exactly what happened, my Harry Potter video blew up immediately. That started driving loads of traffic to my profile, so I uploaded another video that showed off how I look.  A video which I knew would also be powerful, and well, it blew up more than the Harry Potter video. After that Harry Potter video event I would occasionally have more videos blowing up, and the numbers kept on growing! At some point I had an opportunity to go on a popular Maltese television show, but I postponed it as I felt I wasn’t really ready. Again I’m quite shy haha. But later I eventually did!

How has GO helped with making your Tik Tok videos?

Most of my Tik Tok videos are made at home but if I’m out and I want to edit and upload my Tik Toks, I can at any point in time since I have 24GB. I love how consistent GO’s internet connection it. It is strong and reliable. Besides that the 200 minutes comes in handy whenever I want to call someone.

What’s your favourite Tik Tok challenge?

Oh there are so many omg. Honestly I don’t know if I can pick but definitely ones from the beginning of my time on Tik Tok the challenges were so much fun. Acting challenges, tutting challenges, and of course dance challenges …. even transitions I can’t forget those!

What is your advice to the Gen Z content creators hoping to go viral from social media?

BE ORIGINAL!! I cannot stress this enough! You want to follow trends? Sure but make them your own! Do something more and better! You need to stand out to go viral! Oh and be patient, and use your strengths. Invest in what you’re good at!

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