Leanne Bartolo walks us through her GO internet service

13 August 2020


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The European Fitness Federation Bikini Champion, fitness instructor and personal trainer needed strong internet to keep her brand going throughout Covid. We spoke to her to get some feedback on GO’s internet service.

So you’re a teacher, WWF champion, owner of Warehouse Fitness Studio – Kudos for that! How important is your Wi-Fi signal in all this?

Wow, thanks! Well GO Wi-Fi is the glue that kept my teaching career together during Covid. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to teach virtually! I recently launched my online fitness and lifestyle brand so GO has really helped me deal with calls and incoming messages. Ultimately GO supports the communication arm of my brand which is vital to running a business.

If you had to describe GO as one of your workout idols, who would GO be?

The Rock – it’s stable, strong and versatile in its skills!

We imagine that you have quite a busy schedule- how have you managed to communicate while on-the-go and while working out at your studio?

I am really busy right now with classes and personal training at the gym and a series of outdoor workouts.  Also, since some of us are still concerned about mixing in groups nowadays, my Zoom classes have continued. My goal is to continue to support all those that want to work out at home without burdening them with extra costs in these still uncertain times. I wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of GO.

How has internet kept you going through Covid?

The internet has kept me sane. Besides giving classes and managing my business online, I use it to watch GO TV during my time off or call my parents via Skype. It’s amazing how technology brings people together nowadays.

What else do you use your internet for the most?

I also use the internet mostly to watch workout videos on YouTube. There are some amazing influencers motivating and inspiring people out there. I hope I can do the same.

How did you order your internet with GO?

I ordered my internet/home pack online. It’s very easy actually. Just visit and choose their Mix & Match Home Pack. You can get speeds of up to 1,000mbps depending on your area. I went from having dodgy connection and spotty music at Warehouse to suddenly having a fully-fledged setup for my virtual workouts with GO. They delivered the Smart Hub on the same day, and all I had to do was plug it in.

If you’re renting or moving to your summer house, you can use GO’s Plug’n’GO internet. They provide you with a Smart Hub 4G modem which you just plug in and you’re ready to go! No technicians, no installation required, and it has free delivery! It’s amazing. You get 400GB a month from just €25/month. By the way, at the moment GO has a giveaway competition – if you order Plug’n’GO or a Home Pack with GO, you might win one year free off your plan! All you have to do is order online.

Can you explain the difference you’ve seen between fibre internet and ‘normal’ internet?

Fibre internet to the home is a massive upgrade. With speed-of-light technology through wires that are made up of glass strands thinner than a human hair, it provides a more consistent connected with 4.5G speeds. GO is the only operator in Malta that is delivering true fibre technology in your living room.

Why GO?

My whole family has always been with GO. We see it as the number one leading Maltese telecommunications provider. The service is always consistent, and they are constantly trying to innovate the industry in any way they can.

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