Marcel Spiteri tells us about his Smart Wi-Fi experience

01 September 2020


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Can you introduce yourself and the house you live in?

Hi I’m Marcel, I am the Senior Credit Control Officer at GO.  I have a family of 4 – we live in quite a large terraced house of approx. 200m2 built-up living floor space on each floor.

What attracted you to purchasing GO Smart Wi-Fi?

We needed to boost up the signal in specific areas where we had Wi-Fi dead spots, mainly in the kitchen, dining, and basement garage areas.

How easy was it to set up the Smart Wi-Fi pods?

Relatively easy to follow instructions, and the units are ready to use right out of the box – all you need to do is plug them in.

How long did it take for you to receive them?

We managed to get a pair relatively quickly, a few days after we were contacted. Although I had won these set through an internal competition, I had already been interested in purchasing GO Smart Wi-Fi.

What major differences have you experienced with your Wi-Fi signal?

Better Wi-Fi coverage in the aforementioned dead-spot areas, such as in the garage/basement, and at the far end of the kitchen. As I am currently working remotely, this meant that we could finally get rid of the ethernet cable on the floor all the way to the make-shift office in our dining room.

How would you compare Smart Wi-Fi pods with traditional home plugs?

Cannot really compare, as I was never convinced that getting a home plug solution would help me get better coverage, and thus never bothered to try them out.

How has Smart Wi-Fi helped your whole family during Covid?

Ethernet cables running from one end to the other of the house were a real nuisance, so setting up our Smart Wi-Fi pods helped us get rid of this issue.

How has your experience with the Airties Wi-Fi app been so far?

We set it up in the beginning and didn’t need to mess around with it that much, but my kids refer to it occasionally and make use of its features when required.

Who would you recommend Smart Wi-Fi pods to? People who live in flats? 

Practically to anyone who is experiencing issues related to Wi-Fi signal. It mainly depends on the location of the fixed-line entry point and where the Wi-Fi connection is available to be set-up. Apartments and Summer flats tend to have weak signals either at the front or the back areas due being constructed using long corridors. Those who live in apartment blocks tend to compete with neighbours’ Wi-Fi signals. With regards to Farmhouses and older buildings in rural areas, these normally suffer dead-spots as they have thicker and more solid older partition walls and floors, plus higher ceilings. Running a fully wired ethernet network within older buildings that have not been designed for today’s exigencies is also a major issue that can be done away with.

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