Smart Wi-Fi 6 pods: Discover what they are and how they work

17 November 2022


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It is indispensable for home networking and public internet connectivity, while it powers IoT (Internet of Things) and so much more. As the last few decades brought more and more of our lives online, wireless internet has helped make this transition possible. And promising faster performance and less bandwidth congestion, Wi-Fi 6 is the latest wireless standard, available with our new Smart Wi-Fi pods.

Take a look at what our device expert Rupert Perry has to say about the technology and our Smart Wi-Fi 6 pods and how they can serve as a future-facing upgrade designed to make sure that speeds don’t grind to a halt a few years down the line.

What are the major differences between Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi technology has developed rapidly and more people need to use wireless. This has created the need for better handling of the data traffic.

But in practical terms, how will the experience improve?

In practical terms, if a family of four are using a Wi-Fi 5 network, the way the traffic is being distributed is on a first come first served basis. This can cause the same family members to have a different customer experience. This is where Wi-Fi 6 makes the difference. This technology allows to distribute bandwidth much better and depending on the customer requirements at the moment of use.

So will this allow to better experience?

Definitely, if a user is streaming, he/she needs much more bandwidth than a device that is chatting. While both users will not notice the switch, the Mesh POD will automatically allocate the necessary resources to both.

So are we saying that Wi-Fi is becoming more intelligent?

Yes, it is, as a protocol Wi-Fi is developing to better suit the user’s needs. The use of Mesh systems is becoming even more important, and Mesh Networks are making Wi-Fi 6 even more relevant.

Why is that?

Because when you combine the efficiency of Mesh and the capabilities of Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi networks will get to be even more essential and robust for everyday use.

Looking to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal in every corner of your house? Take a look at how you can get an extended and uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal with our range of Smart Wi-Fi pods.