Smart Wi-Fi pods vs Home Plugs

17 August 2020


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GO teams up with Ian from Gadgets to speak about the new Smart Wi-Fi pods. Smart Wi-Fi is a new technology which makes sure you get a consistent Wi-Fi signal wherever you are in the house- whether it’s your basement, the corner of your bedroom or in your kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Your Wi-Fi signal is controlled through an app so you can control how much Wi-Fi you have in any room of your house! Cool right?

What is the difference between home plugs, extenders or repeaters and this, the GO Smart Wi-Fi Pods?

Whilst home plugs, extenders and repeaters offer you increased coverage, this comes at the cost of greatly reduced internet speeds. With GO Smart Wi-Fi, you will get all of your speed wherever you need it in your home, guaranteed! GO Smart Wi-Fi can be controlled through an app so it is intuitive unlike traditional home plugs. Basically if you walk out of your bedroom into the kitchen the signal will adapt according to your internet needs.

How much does it cost?

It’s a €30 one-time activation fee for a Starter Pack, and then just a €2.99 monthly fee, with no commitment required. The Starter Pack includes 2 pods which in many times is just right for one floor home layout.  Just go to GO’s website to order, at

Can I purchase a GO Smart Wi-Fi system if my service is provided by another network provider? 

Sorry, pal. This has been designed to work only with GO’s internet service. You’ll need to be subscribed to some kind of GO Internet subscription to enjoy it. Just visit to check out their home internet options. GO brought fibre to Malta and they’re the only true fibre internet service locally so their internet product and service can be trusted.

How do I set up the GO Smart Wi-Fi Starter Kit?

Simply plug the first GO Smart Wi-Fi pod into an electrical outlet close to your modem, connect it to your modem via the supplied ethernet cable, switch off the Wi-Fi on your modem, connect the second pod in another area, and you’re good to go!

Visit to see their article