Why Smart Wi-Fi is better than Wi-Fi Extenders

12 August 2020


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In the old days of the internet, knowing your connection type was pretty simple – your computer was either attached to an internet cable or it wasn’t. Nowadays though, the technology has advanced so far, you have to know your modems, routers, switches, Ethernet cables, 4G and Bluetooth to even keep up.

Our new Smart Wi-Fi is a big leap forward in how we think of the way Wi-Fi works in general, but if we tell you it’s because it uses a mesh system to give better and more even coverage, that might not mean much to you when Wi-Fi extenders from the outside do the same thing.

That’s why we’ve put together a few examples to show just how far ahead Smart Wi-Fi is, and all the ways it can improve your Wi-Fi at home.


One network

Like many 15-year-olds, Jeremy has most of his conversations on his phone. Also like many 15-year-olds, he doesn’t want his parents having any chance to snoop on who he’s talking to or worse, try and talk to his friends themselves. That’s why whenever mum or dad come into the room mid-video call, he does his best to go to the opposite side of the apartment as fast as possible. The apartment has a modem at one end and a Wi-Fi extender at the other. He should have no issue going from one end to the other on his call, right?

Well, about halfway down the corridor, and about halfway through the sentence that the girl he likes was saying, the video gets cut because there’s no signal. This embarrassing moment was caused because the extender is acting on it’s own without working with the modem. If you try to keep your connection going when you move between the two, you’re going to get cut off.

The big difference with mesh systems like Smart Wi-Fi is that it’s all one Wi-Fi network. The  pods all work together so that when you move from one area of the house to another, the system knows to shift your connection to a pod nearer to you.


One strength

It’s a lovely idea – a romantic movie out on the balcony under a low light, a couple of glasses of wine and the moonlight. Amy certainly thought so, and had everything set up just right, right up until she tried to connect to her streaming service and had to sit and watch the little loading ring go round and round and round…

The trouble here is that Amy thought she’d be fine with a series of Wi-Fi extenders, leading like a path from the modem downstairs to the balcony upstairs. What she didn’t realise was that one of her flatmates was enjoying a nice online game, and the other was downloading practically every cat video on the internet. With nothing ensuring the path to the modem is as strong as possible, Amy is just left with a rather unromantic blank screen.

What she should have used are 2 or 3 Smart Wi-Fi Pods. Each Pod not only creates its own Wi-Fi signal, but also work with the other pods so that they collectively give you the strongest possible connection. That way, Amy could watch a movie on the balcony and have it just the same as if she was sitting next to the modem.


One easy setup

Miriam is definitely one of the people we mentioned in our introduction. Over a long and prosperous life, she’s seen phones go from rotary dials to miniature computers, TVs go from 10 inch screens to basically living room cinema screens and she’s just been told you can now get an oven you can pre-heat before you even get home.

Now she’s sitting in her living room while her son tries to get her extenders working so that she can chat to the family on her tablet from the comfort of her own armchair. He keeps mentioning how the network names need different configurations and that he needs to access her router settings. At this point she isn’t even sure she has a router, let alone where she’d find the settings.

After a lot of head scratching, her son mentions that this would be a lot easier with Smart Wi-Fi. That has a simple app he could use to set everything up really quickly without any of this fuss and without most of the technical language. A few days later, after a quick run around the house plugging in Pods, he’s all done and that evening, she’s nestled into her armchair with a cup of hot chocolate, watching the grandchildren show off their finger-paint masterpieces.


So if you or anyone you know is struggling with any of the same problems, just remember that GO Smart Wi-Fi starts at only €2.99 a month, and even comes with a 30-day Try and Buy – that’s just how confident we are that you’ll see a massive difference in your Wi-Fi experience.