The Travellers speaks to GO about mobile Freedom plans

25 August 2020


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Hey guys, can you introduce yourself and tell us something funny about you.

Hi I’m Clayton, I play the bass guitar in the band. Funny fact about me: I like playing board games and video games, apart from Crash Team Racing cause my girlfriend beats me most of the time.

Hi I’m Joseph, I play the trumpet. Funny fact about me: Both my father and brother play the trumpet. Sorry Mum!

Hi I’m Chris, I am the vocalist and frontman of the band.

Hi I’m Andrew, I play the guitar and also help with the backing vocals.

Hi I’m Sylvano, I play the saxophone not the sexaphone.

Hi I’m Michael, I play the drums! I’m the only one single in the band. Contact me if you’re interested haha.

Who is the most outgoing from the whole group?

Definitely Chris! He’s charismatic and is always the first one who speaks up the most in interviews and doesn’t shy away from entertaining crowds.

You guys are from Gozo! We love Gozo. Can you describe Gozo in a sound, taste and smell?

Gozo will always be our hometown. It’s the place where we all go to relax together with our families. Gozo as a sound would probably be the sound of the sea. A taste would definitely be our local cheesiest known as ‘gbejniet’. As a smell, most probably would be of fresh air mixed with a local bakery baking the weekend ‘ftiras’.

How has GO Freedom plans helped with travelling across all the wedding venues?

Pre-covid we were packed back-to-back for wedding venues. It’s always an honour to be part of these events as they’re personal, and we help the couple, their family and friends celebrate the best day of their lives.

Hafi, paci, kuluri! Has anyone ordered a new mobile with your freedom plans? What colour are your new phone(s)?

We love our GO mobile Freedom plans! We could afford any phone we wanted with GO’s Easy Buy scheme which basically means you can pay €0 upfront and pay the rest in monthly instalments. With GO’s mobile Freedom plans, you just choose the speed you want depending on your usage, then you add minutes and sms and then if you want you choose a phone! It’s that easy and simple. We ordered everything online in fact.

With regards to phones, Michael just ordered a blue Samsung S20. He’s very happy with it.

If you had to describe yourself as a phone who would you be and why?

Clayton would be a OnePlus because he’s clumsy when it comes to phones.

Joseph would be Samsung because his lifestyle is driven by heavy consumption of TV and digital media.

Chris would be an iPhone because he loves apples.

Andrew would be a Xiaomi because it is great value for money.

Sylvano would be an Oppo as it is reliable.

Michael would be a Huawei because he loves taking photos with a good camera.

You’ve been streaming videos on your channels during this outbreak and supporting healthworkers. How has your internet connection been with GO?

As a band we are extremely grateful for what the healthworkers have been sacrificing for the citizens of our country as a whole. We are trying our best to support them in any way possible and we are doing that through awareness and music. GO internet has been amazing in supporting our streaming during Covid so we cannot be more thankful for that.

You are working on your new album. What is the inspiration behind your upcoming album?

There are some songs in this album that reflect everyday realities at a national level and also on a personal level. Some realities are fun and funny, others are more serious and heart breaking. Nonetheless, most of the songs reflect real life. We want every listener to relate to this album in every way. We would love to have our listeners enjoy particular songs because they can see their story in our music.

How has GO helped strengthen communication between the band during the Covid outbreak?

GO has helped us communicate with our friends and family during covid which is the most important thing. We really value the internet speed that GO provides and how consistent it from a quality point of view.

You were chosen as the Best Musical Act in the Lovin Malta Social Media Awards. How would you describe your fans? And what do you have planned for the future?

We wouldn’t be here without our loyal fans. We owe everything to them. We would like to thank them again for all the constant support they continue showing us. At the moment we are recording and producing a new album. It is difficult to plan something during Covid, so we’ll see how things go and take it from there.

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