The Wolf and the Lion review by Fabio Agius

19 June 2023


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The Wolf and The Lion might not be one of the genre of movies I look for when I want to be entertained but I decided to give it a try. Sometimes I like to try something new and GO TV is the ideal platform because when I look for a specific movie I always end up watching the same genre but with this app one can feel a little bit “adventurous” and watch something new.

This French-Canadian production we find the main protagonist Alma Deranquel (played by young actress Molly Kunz) who returns to her childhood home in a Canadian forest for a break from her music academy studies. She encounters a lion cub who was involved in an airplane crash and decides to adopt it. When she goes back to the cabin, Alma discovers that the cabin she lives in is visited frequently by a female wolf who is carrying a pup. This wolf feeds her pup and the lion cub and they’re raised as brothers. I won’t go further into the plot because I don’t want to spoil it for you but honestly, I found this movie very light and entertaining. It obviously has no complexity in the plot and it is a good popcorn movie.

At first, I thought that this movie was going to be a crappy CGI effects show to make the interaction between the wolf and the lion, but though the animals are not real in every scene apparently these two animals have been really raised together. Keeping this in mind one can see some beautiful interaction between these two creatures. Having said that the direction in photography of this movie is beautiful and it is a perfect postcard of the Canadian wilderness. The picturesque scenarios alone make this movie worth the watch.

With it’s easy plot and beautiful photography The Wolf and The Lion is an ideal watch for a good family gathering because it is ideal for all ages, especially with very young audiences.