Which Industries Benefit Most from Asset Tracking?

30 July 2022


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Construction, rental equipment, and logistics: Asset tracking could give your business peace of mind

If you manage expensive equipment and assets, knowing exactly where they are can reduce risk and boost efficiency. That’s where asset tracking can help.

If your business relies on high-value equipment, Asset tracking can offer peace of mind as to where your assets are, and it can help prevent theft and increase your chances of recovering lost assets.

We discussed these benefits in more depth in our previous blog post: Asset Tracking – the solution that protects your valuable business assets. And here, we’re going to dive into how asset tracking can help construction, rental equipment, vending machines, and logistics companies reduce risk and improve efficiency.

Protect vital construction equipment and materials

In the construction industry, transporting materials and vehicles to and between sites is a factor in every project. But it also carries risks – these assets can be delayed, or get lost en-route.

This is where asset tracking comes in. By monitoring your assets and deliveries, you’ll be able to see where they are as they travel between sites and make sure they’re on the most direct route. And you can anticipate when they’ll arrive, so you can make sure your teams are ready to unload materials and equipment at exactly the right time.

And once your vehicles and materials are on-site, you can use geofencing to make sure they stay there. You will get an alert if any vehicles or materials leave a designated area, and can see exactly where they end up. This is particularly useful if your assets are stolen – as you’ll be able to share this tracking information with law enforcement to resolve issues and recover your assets more efficiently.

Keep an eye on where your rental equipment is at all times

If your business model relies on renting equipment out to clients, you need to know where it is to make sure you can get it back.

By tracking the equipment you rent out, you’ll be able to see exactly where it is at all times – which can be particularly useful if clients plan to move your equipment between locations during their rental period.

Asset tracking provides you with the peace of mind that when it’s time for your equipment to be returned, you’ll know its exact location.

Ensure your vending machines remain where they’re supposed to be

As with rental equipment, renting out or managing vending machines in buildings can also benefit from asset tracking.

Vending machines have limited reasons why they’d move, and by tracking them, you’ll be able to ensure they aren’t. And if they’re moved or stolen – you’ll know where they are to retrieve them.

Increase the efficiency of your logistics

One of the key aspects of the logistics industry is making sure assets are delivered on the right route, at the right time, and to the right destination.

Unfortunately, even the best-planned logistics routes can be hit by delays and diversions, and it’s up to you to respond appropriately. That’s why seeing where your deliveries are in real-time gives you valuable information so you can respond to delivery changes swiftly.

Asset tracking also provides inventory support. By tracking every item in a delivery separately, you’ll be able to check if they have all arrived at the location digitally – saving time and increasing efficiency compared to lengthy manual inspections.

Asset tracking for every industry with GO Business

Asset tracking can be beneficial to businesses in any industry. And with our asset tracking solution, you’ll have access to an end-to-end solution that delivers you peace of mind.

Our complete solution includes asset inventory, easy installation, alarms, and email notifications. And we’ll provide the monitoring devices, SIM cards, connectivity, and platform you need to get started straight away.

Learn more about Asset Tracking from GO Business.