Why every great IoT solution starts with a trusted connectivity provider

10 January 2022


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IoT-connected devices can revolutionize business processes, but they rely on secure and reliable connectivity – wherever they’re located. That’s where we come in.

Over the past few years, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices has skyrocketed. And there’s no sign of it slowing anytime soon, with IDC estimating that there will be over 55 billion connected devices worldwide by 2025.

And as devices become smarter, the benefits they can deliver to businesses are evolving too. Everything from vehicles to machinery can generate critical insights into business operations. By connecting these devices – either to each other through machine to machine (M2M) communication, or to a centralised IoT system – you can capture this data in real time. And with real-time data on assets, machines, vehicles, and components, you can optimize processes, increase response times, track consumer and employee behaviours, and even improve workplace safety.

But some of the biggest areas of IoT growth, including asset and vehicle tracking, smart metering and smart cities, demand flexible, mobile connectivity that’s often out of reach of conventional fixed-line networks. You need real-time connectivity 24/7, wherever the device is located – and that requires a robust cellular connection.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at areas of IoT technology that rely on cellular activity, their business benefits, and how GO can support you as a fully managed M2M connectivity provider.

Keep every device connected – wherever it’s located

Not every asset or device is stationary, or located within range of a fixed-line network. For those remote or mobile IoT use cases, cellular connectivity is vital. Examples include:

Vehicle tracking
For transport and delivery organisations, supply chain distributors, fleet owners and taxi services, vehicle tracking is vital. It can deliver real-time insights into route optimisation, fuel consumption, predictive maintenance and more. And in turn, you can use these insights to generate significant cost-savings and process optimisation. But with your vehicles constantly on the move, keeping them connected and in communication requires a sensor equipped with a mobile SIM.

Asset tracking
By tracking assets, organisations can monitor equipment, tools or goods in transit, see when an asset is damaged, reduce theft, and monitor changes in the environment that could affect operations. Each asset can be equipped with a small tracking device, which sends periodic insights to your IoT platform. But like vehicle tracking, assets that are frequently on the move or located offsite require cellular connectivity.

Smart meters
Smart meters deliver real-time insights that utilities providers, can use to proactively maintain equipment to prevent downtime, reduce operational costs, and ensure accurate billing. But to deliver on their potential, smart meters need constant, reliable connectivity. Smart meters fitted in remote areas with limited connectivity options might only be able to connect using mobile networks.

Streamline IoT integration with a trusted connectivity partner

Whether you’re integrating IoT solutions, or deploying your own, connectivity is key to maintaining the all-important link between platform and device. And any downtime can be costly, often bringing operations to a halt – and causing you to lose revenue, or disrupt client services.

At GO, we’re already powering thousands of M2M connections as a fully-managed connectivity provider, so we know just how important it is to provide 24/7 network availability to every smart device. But we also know that when it comes to delivering complete IoT and M2M integration, every organisation has different connectivity needs.

That’s why we offer flexible, competitive M2M packages. Depending on the number and type of IoT devices you’re integrating, you can choose from different shared data bundles and benefit from secure networks in Malta, the EU and beyond. And because each devices will vary in the level of data transmitted, we offer 2G, 3G, and 4G connectivity options.

Plus, for integrators looking for another layer of security, we also provide private APN – so you can keep mission-critical data secure at all times.

Get full control over your SIM lifecycle management, with M2M APIs

For integrators offering a wide portfolio of IoT solutions, connectivity is priority number one. But SIM life cycle management comes as a close second. If vehicles, assets or other devices you and your clients are tracking are taken out of action – whether due to regular maintenance, or long-term deactivation – you’ll want full control over your data connectivity.

To make this easier and faster, we’ve introduced free-to-use M2M APIs that integrate into your own platform. Now, you can change SIM functions automatically and gain full control over SIM lifecycle management.

This means you can view account and SIM details automatically, and adapt the status of SIMs when business needs change – whether by making an API call to block or unblock SIM cards, or fully terminating them.

Ready to find out more?

IoT-connected devices are revolutionising operations for businesses everywhere – and the number of devices worldwide is only expected to grow. Having a trusted connectivity partner by your side can help you make the most of the growing trend towards connected IoT solutions.

As a fully-managed connectivity provider, we’re here to support your IoT efforts. Whether you need flexible M2M packages, end-to-end support from M2M experts, or connections to global partners, we can help.

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