GO Originals

Our mission

GO Originals is a GO sub-brand which is focused on the production of TV content that appeals to both local and international markets.

Through GO Originals, we would like to establish a platform that is accessible to local and foreign audio-visual producers to showcase their content and in doing so, become the leading platform where viewers can find the best Maltese entertainment.

Through the commissioning of local talent, GO Originals is proud to be supporting the content industry, bring different ideas and concepts to life and provide an alternative source of entertainment to local viewers. Our ambition is to invest in talent, develop it, and spread it across the Maltese Islands & other territories.

Types of GO Originals content


Want to be part of GO Originals?

We are currently not receiving submissions for new productions, however, applications will soon open for you to share with us your ideas, concepts or scripts. 

How does the process work?

Once you’ve submitted the form, we’ll get back to you with further details.

Before kickstarting the process, we’ll both sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement so everyone is protected. GO Management will assess and select the submissions according to how well they align with the following objectives:

Quality & originality of the script
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Team contribution, artistic & technical co-operation
Idea icon orange
Vision & style of the director
Euro icon orange
Consistency and level of confirmed financing
Circulation potential (festivals, distribution, audience)
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Adherence to the GOs values and purpose