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Our GO TV app beta is here. Tune in to hundreds of live channels and hours of on demand TV content, while enjoy the app’s functionality with features such as:


Why get the GO TV

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Keep your internet

Watch all the local & foreign TV you want without having to change your internet provider.

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Works on any device

Download the GO TV app on your mobile, tablet, Android Smart TV, Apple TV or Fire TV.

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Cancel anytime

Get great entertainment now & cancel anytime you wish without having to worry about penalty fees.

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Watch anywhere

Sit back, relax & catch up with your latest show whether on the sofa or at the beach.

Stream TV in just a few simple steps

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Choose one of our TV plans

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Fill in the form with your details

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Receive your login details within 1-2 days

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Download the GO TV app & start watching

Let us know what your experience has been so far and inform us of any issues you may have encountered.


Who can download the new GO TV App available for Samsung and LG TVs?

The app can be downloaded on Samsung TVs from the 2018 year model onwards. On the other hand, the app will be available to LG TVs running webOSTV 23, webOSTV 5.0, webOSTV 6.0 and webOSTV 7.0.

How can I find the app on my Samsung and LG TV?

Simply access your apps from the Samsung TV menu and search for GO TV. For LG TVs, access your apps from the WebOS menu and search for GO TV.

Do Samsung and LG TV owners still need to make use of the GO STB?

Since the app is still in its beta version, ideally keep your STB connected to use all the features available on GO TV. Having said that, in the future, the app will be a more convenient way to enjoy our TV service compared to the GO STB.

Once the final app is published, will beta users automatically receive the new version?

Yes, the app will update to the latest version.