GO brings new and exclusive Maltese TV content to its viewers following an investment of over €1 million

15 December 2021


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GO has announced its commitment to invest over €1 million over the next three years to support the production of original TV content to be aired by GO, exclusively for its customers through a newly launched initiative – GO Originals. This commitment has significantly increased the support to local production companies and created further opportunities to showcase local talent, both locally and internationally.

The announcement was made by GO’s Chief Commercial Officer Antonio Ivankovic during a press conference held earlier today at GO Head Office, where the trailer of ‘Chalet’, the first production supported by GO, was screened for the first time to the media.

“Malta offers a lot of untapped talent that needs support and GO, in its quest to bring original and exciting new entertainment to its viewers, will now be collaborating with local production companies and investing in their original productions which will then be showcased on our TV platform,” said Antonio Ivankovic.

“We know that our customers enjoy Maltese TV content, so we just wanted to bring more of what they love whilst supporting the local industry. Furthermore, because of our strong relationships with international TV partners, we shall also be negotiating the rights for this exclusive content to be broadcast overseas, thus creating even more opportunity to showcase Malta and its talent with international audiences,’ added Mr Ivankovic.

‘The idea is to build an extensive and rich library of exclusive Maltese content. We are proud of our heritage and culture and want to ensure this is preserved for our viewers to enjoy for many years to come,’ he continued.

The fund that GO has committed to these productions will be allocated following a call for applications and a thorough screening exercise. Details of this process is available on the GO website.

Commenting on this initiative, Minister Bartolo congratulated GO for its continuous investment. ‘For a Maltese telecommunications company this is truly a landmark investment which will herald in a new future for Malta and enhance greatly the support which the local talent will be getting. It’s high time that Malta is not only associated with service providing foreign productions, but excels in local production creativity,’ outlined Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Clayton Bartolo. ‘Therefore, having Maltese content at the disposal of the public is surely a step forward in the right direction to achieve our ultimate goal of creating a world-class film industry,’ he continued.

Film Commissioner Johan Grech also welcomed this initiative stating that ‘any support this industry can get is welcomed with open arms. Historically, producers, actors and all the other skills required to bring a production to life have struggled over the years to overcome the many challenges they face. However, we now look to the future with renewed energy and are excited to see what the industry will produce over the next years. We have had some great successes and are very proud of the level of talent we have established.’

‘Chalet’, a drama produced by Sharp Shoot Media, is the first period drama to be produced in collaboration with GO. It is a tale of passion and love against a backdrop of the historic and glamorous days of the Sliema Chalet in the 1930’s – a family-oriented production that is set to appeal to all generations.

The first two episodes will be aired for all, even non-GO customers, for free with no restrictions, on the 29th December, at 20.45hrs on GO Stars or GO’s YouTube channel. The rest of the series will be offered exclusively to GO’s TV customers.

What is ‘Chalet’ about?

Angelle, a university student is doing research about the Chalet for her assignment. She tries to interview Anthony, a stubborn, grumpy old man, a retired playwright, and musician who remembers the heyday at Chalet. As time goes by, he warms up to her and starts recounting his story, taking the audience to Chalet’s former glory while we learn of his heart-breaking story. Jealousy, love, passion, and vendetta are intertwined with fun and a feel-good factor that only the Chalet could offer.

However, everything will change on the brink of war. Chalet features many other personalities, real or fictitious who take us back to this cultural gem.