GO engineers work the night to restore services following multiple cable cuts by third-party works

22 January 2019


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Over the course of this weekend, GO pulled every string to ensure that its customers suffer the least possible disruption after an unrelated third party contractor accidentally dug through a number of GO’s fibre cables in Siggiewi, leaving hundreds of households in Siggiewi and neighbouring localities without broadband, TV, and telephony services.

Despite the difficult working environment and the extreme weather conditions, GO immediately deployed its technical team on site, even bringing in additional subcontractors to expedite the process, who worked non-stop throughout the night and all day Sunday, uncovering pipes and laying new network cables to be able to restore services in the fastest time possible. In fact, the most critical services were restored in under 24 hours.

GO CEO Nikhil Patil expressed his gratitude to all impacted customers for their patience.

“We fully appreciate how critical these services are to our customers and how frustrating it is to them when these are disrupted. We share these frustrations, especially when these are disrupted for reasons well beyond our control. We cannot anticipate these accidents, and therefore cannot plan ahead. So when they do happen, it’s all hands on deck to ensure that our valued customers suffer the least.”

“Regrettably, we suffer at least two incidents a week that are the result of unrelated 3rd parties, mostly due to construction works. Thankfully, not all are as critical as that experienced this weekend, however this does cost us hundreds of thousands of Euros every year, however of greater concern to us is the inconvenience to our customers,” continued Mr Patil.

Such incidents require the input of a dedicated multi-disciplinary team who worked round the clock, to restore services and provide feedback to customers. GO’s call centre was in full swing, engaging close to 70 agents who collectively handled over 4700 calls.

“In critical situations such as that experienced over the weekend, we need to quickly assess the situation and identify the best course of action, given the conditions in which we have to work. It is no easy task, but I am very proud of my team and their dedication. I also want to thank our loyal customers for their patience and understanding,” said Nikhil Patil.

Over the next couple of days, GO will be reaching out to its impacted customers with a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience caused.