GO entrusted with connectivity needs for Papal visit

08 April 2022


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GO network supported complex security and surveillance requirements

The visit of HH Pope Francis just a week ago required complex and detailed planning to meet the high security expectations and connectivity requirements in the multiple sites that he visited, as well as to support the data-heavy TV and online broadcasts necessitated by media houses.

GO was entrusted with the deployment of TrueFibre services to support this demand and in close collaboration with multiple entities, including the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) amongst others, enabled a flawless execution to ensure that the two-day visit was successful.

Multiple teams were deployed and worked round the clock, on the back of elections, to roll out over 6GB of symmetric bandwidth to cover the various connectivity needs of the event. This was provided on secure point-to-point dedicated links that leveraged GO’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and network security.

Over thirty new fibre sites were installed to provide a secure CCTV camera network to provide surveillance across all the sites visited by HH and the ensuing travel routes. Local and international media demanded highspeed broadband connectivity to broadcast such a high-profile event. In collaboration with MITA, two press centres were setup with dedicated TrueFibre connections, as were the Fosos in Floriana and Ta Pinu in Gozo. Live broadcast is dependent on high-speed, reliable and resilient connectivity. The nation was able to follow proceedings uninterrupted due to the TrueFibre connections that allowed for live streaming by PBS.

“We are very proud of what our teams managed to achieve, in a very short period of time, and under the immense pressure that such a high-profile event brings with it,” said Antoine Buttigieg, Project Manager at GO. “GO’s investment in our networks and infrastructure, the solutions we offer, and the relationships and level of collaboration we have built with our clients, all combine to ensure a truly successful event – it is truly satisfying and humbling to be part of such events and enabling people to enjoy them remotely because of our technology, is what inspires us every day,” he continued.