GO launches new IoT devices

03 December 2018


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Never lose sight of your treasures with GO Connect Kids and GO Connect Pets

Anyone who has ever been at a busy shopping mall or out and about and lost sight of their child for that split second know what a terribly sinking feeling that is. Likewise, every animal lover who has waited anxiously for their beloved pet to return know how those minutes feel like hours on end.

With GO’s new IOT device branded ‘GO Connect Kids’ and ‘GO Connect Pets’ these fears can be put to rest. “Our strategic direction is very much driven by our customer’s feedback. Not only does this feed into our traditional product and service portfolio but it also inspires us to bring to the market IoT products such as Go Connect Kids and GO Connect Pets.

We wanted to give people the peace of mind that they are connected to what matters most, wherever they are, whether in Malta or abroad, without relying on a traditional mobile connection. We are proud to bring to the market the first IoT application that brings real value to our customers in their everyday lives,” said Nikhil Patil, CEO at GO.

In the form of a watch, ‘GO Connect Kids’ offers a range of features that facilitate constant communication between parent, or designated adult and child. “The GO Connect Kids is a great product for those parents who feel uncomfortable in giving their children a mobile phone from a young age but who still want to have some form of direct communication with them when they are apart. This is how we devised the ‘GO Connect Kids’ as a cool new gadget in the form of a comfortable and easy to use watch with a handy GPS tracker that shows a children’s real-time location and a two-way calling system using a GO Sim Card.

Parents and carers want a sense of security and control, in fact, the phonebook is controlled by the parents through a dedicated app. Likewise, children need to feel safe too. An SOS button that calls mum, dad or designated adult immediately at the touch of a button provides this sense of safety,” said Ms Antonella Zammit, Product Marketing Specialist. The GO Connect Kids app also includes a chat screen where the parent can send short messages to their child, as well as voice messages between the two.

The app can also provide information such as steps and meters walked, calories burned, sleep patterns, as well as another screen for alarms amongst a host of other interesting features. “As we tested the technology, we found out that the concept could be easily extended to other situations so we developed GO Connect Pets that operates a similar platform, after all, our furry friends are also an integral part of the family unit,” continued Antonella Zammit.

“The GO Connect Pets, a small, lightweight IOT device that attaches to pet harnesses immediately notifies owners when pets leave a pre-set safe zone, whilst also alerting the animal by a harmless sound. Its battery gives up to 100 hours of power while the actual device, which only weighs 28g, keeps functioning even in the rain or if your pet manages to get the device wet.”

“Two very interesting functionalities in this device are the inbuilt set of sounds that can help owners train their pet to respond to specific commands, as well as an activity screen showing the pet’s activity through the day. We therefore consider this product as a tool that will enable owners to develop an even stronger bond with their pets,” added Antonella.

GO representatives will be demonstrating the ‘GO Connect Kids’ and ‘Go Connect Pets’ devices at the Tigne Point on Sunday 16th December between 11.00hrs and 18.00hrs. The GO Connect Kids GPS-GSM watch is available from all GO’s retail network at €99.99 but GO’s Home Pack or Freedom Plan customers benefit from a heavily discounted price of €29.99 with monthly subscription of just €6.99. The GO Connect Pets device retails at €79.99 but similarly, GO’s Home Pack or Freedom customers get to enjoy this product at the discounted price of €19.99 and a €4.99 monthly connection rate.