GO’s Strategic Partnership with its subsidiary CyberSift provides Enhanced Cybersecurity Solutions for business clients 

10 January 2024


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GO partners with CyberSift to provide enhanced cybersecurity solutions to the Maltese business community

Following GO’s partial acquisition of CyberSift in March 2023, GO has seamlessly integrated CyberSift’s cutting-edge products into its portfolio, offering advanced cybersecurity solutions for businesses. This demonstrates its commitment to providing robust cybersecurity measures and fortifying businesses against the ever-growing threat of digital attacks.  

This collaboration marks a significant expansion in GO’s portfolio, strategically tailored to confront the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, addressing the diverse needs of businesses, including those that may lack the necessary cybersecurity infrastructure.  

CyberSift provides a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions, focusing on protection, detection, and response.  These meticulously designed solutions, empower businesses to safeguard their data and systems from malicious attacks. 

GO Business is committed to delivering optimal solutions, now offering an even more extensive portfolio of services with the inclusion of CyberSift’s AI-enabled solutions. This partnership enables GO to provide a robust suite of products and services to meet the diverse needs of its business customers. 

“At GO, our dedication to providing holistic IT and Communication services is unwavering. This strategic partnership with CyberSift seamlessly integrates cutting-edge cybersecurity into our portfolio, aligning with our strategic investment approach. By combining CyberSift’s technology and solutions with GO’s strong business client base, we’ve created a powerful synergy. This collaboration not only propels CyberSift’s growth but also positions GO to deliver more comprehensive and broader solutions to the Maltese business community” said Arthur Azzopardi, Chief of GO Business. 

“We are excited to join forces with GO in this strategic partnership. Our cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions are now seamlessly integrated into GO’s portfolio, providing businesses with robust tools to safeguard their digital assets. Together, we are poised to deliver unparalleled security measures in today’s dynamic threat landscape,” commented Brain Zarb Adami, Chief Executive Officer, CyberSift. 

This collaboration solidifies GO’s unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive and innovative solutions to its valued business clientele. For further information regarding GO and its cybersecurity solutions, please visit GO Business Security.

About CyberSift: 

CyberSift is a leading cybersecurity solutions company, specializing in offering robust solutions to protect businesses from the ever-growing evolving threats that have become more frequent in recent years. With a focus on innovation, CyberSift deploys cutting-edge solutions that are supported by machine learning and AI for network intrusion detection. The company focuses on empowering businesses with effective cybersecurity tools that are tailored for their needs, ensuring the resilience of their data and systems in the face of modern cyber challenges. For additional information on how you can protect your business, please visit CyberSift.